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I'm Thien An, a Saigonese born and raised in Ho Chi Minh city. I love my beautiful city. I love Vietnamese cuisine and I usually explore new places having delicious dishes with low price. Saigon is the multicultural city and full of unexpected surprises. What you have heard about Saigon is just not enough, come and join me I'll show you more!

"The WORLD is a book
Those who do not TRAVEL
read only one page"

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20places Thien recommends in Ho Chi Minh City

Dam Sen Water Park, Chinatown, Cho Ben Thanh Market, Notre Dame Cathedral, Dong Khoi Street, Cong Vien 23 Thang 9, Binh Tay Market, War Remnants Museum, Bitexco Financial Tower Skydeck, Chua Ba Thien Hau Temple, Pham Ngu Lao street, Fine Arts Museum, Antique Street, Golden Dragon Water Puppet Theater, Saigon Opera House, Saigon Square, Spa Tropic, Ho Chi Minh City Hall, Mariamman Hindu Temple, Quoc Tu Pagoda

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I had a wonderful day with Thien visiting the Mekong Delta. She is very knowledgeable not only on the Mekong Delta but on Vietnamese culture in general and explained a lot of things to me about Vietnam and the way people live that I didn't know before meeting her. Not only was she very knowledgeable but she was also a lot of fun to be around and has an infectious smile. Thank you so much Thien, I truly enjoyed my day with you and would recommend anyone travelling to Ho Chi Minh to please look her up, you won't be disappointed.

Cheers and thanks again,


I had a wonderful day with Thien who tailored the tour according to my tastes. She speaks very good English and was able to explain the Saigonese customs about Tet. This was the first time that I used Meetrip and will do so again.....thanks Thien for a great time.

Thien was a great tour guide. She is quite a lovely person and easy to talk to. She took me around on the back of her scooter around district 1 to have coffee just like the locals where we relax and discuss vietnamese culture. She showed me other places such as the local parks, the war museum, reunification palace, some temple that's not on any map, Notre Dame cathedral, the postoffice and then had lunch at a small restaurant. She also suggested some more places to explore but unfortunately I didn't have time to get to try them all. One of them was a phở restaurant which had the best phở I've had so far in Vietnam.

Thanks Thien for taking us shopping and discover the funny place in HCMC. We really enjoy the trip with Thien. Of course we will not forget the coffee and Traditional food in HCMC, it is really good. Hope to see you again in HCMC

Today I met with Thien in Ho chi Minh, i had a great time, she was lovely, her English is excellent and very helpful. We went by motorcycle to the fine arts museum, the zoo and then got a coffee in a cool little Vietnamese coffee house (that I never would've found if not for her. An all around wonderful way to experience a new city. Highly recommended!

I asked her to take me somewhere outside of Saigon because I think I enjoyed fully Saigon town. Then, she suggested Vung Tau, a beach town, which is popular for Saigonese.
We took a boat which takes 1.5 hours from Saigon to Vung Tau, and rented a motor bike there.
We visited Bach Dinh (White Villa), Dinh Than Thang Tam Temple, Tuong Thanh Gioc (Jesus Christ statue), and Bai Sau (Back Beach).
I stayed in Saigon for four days and breathed exhaust gas from cars and motorbikes so much. It was a good refreshing time for me to stay at a beach town:)
She speaks English fluently, always joyful, and full of hospitality. Just meetrip with her!

I met her on her university campus. She speaks English fluently.
We went to Emperor Jade Pagoda and Binh Tay Market together with her. During our trip, I had juice and sweets whose shops are very popular among locals. No tourist there.
If you want to try genuine local-popular foods, ask Thien.
We took a local bus. You know, it's a kind of difficult to take a local bus for a tourist like me. Noisy and aggressive bus driving was also interesting experience for me.
With her help, I bet your trip will become super fantastic!

Thien is a good girl. She bring us to local restaurant that good taste and refresh us. She helps us to find everything we want. Nice to meetrip with her. Book now!

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I only had 3 hours to visit in HCMC and An made it the best 3 hours of my trip! She is very fun to be with and accommodating.

We went to the guitar street, ben thanh market, local pho place, cafe and a convenience store! Riding on her bike is the most exciting way to explore the city!

I found a new friend in her. Thank you ^~^ Ahhh I'm really happy like this ->

Had a wonderful time with Thien: her English is impeccable, she knows the city inside out and makes you really feel at home in Saigon. Discovering the local places was so nice, and I had a blast zipping through the crazy traffic on her scooter. Thanks again Thien!

Thien is awesome!!

She took me around Ho Chi Minh City by motorbike for all day. We went to Cho Ben Thanh Market, popular local restaurant, small temple not in guide book(this place was nice), Vietnamese high school, China Town, Vietnamese movie(that was so funny(^_^)), the park where we can drink Vietnamese coffee, Bitexco Financial Tower. We explored HCMC together for all of day. We had continued to laugh. It was what a nice time.

Furthermore, she has a lot of knowledge about traditional things and lifestyle of HCMC. She told me that. I think understanding about the country makes trip delightful. So if you want to have a great time during your trip in Ho Chi Minh City, it is better for you to contact Thien. I hope you have a wonderful time with Thien. (^_^)b


I had very precious time with An! I really recommend her as a guide. She took me around HCMC by motor bike such as China town, Behntag market and place to eat and drink, anything I want to do and wherever I want to go. And told me a lot with her charming smile. I totally had fun.

I met Thien on second day of my trip.
she is very kind and sincere guide.
she took me post office, local market, war museum, etc with her bike. She explained vietnam history, culture very well. Her English is good and I could understand well. It was amazing experience that took bike and run on the road with many vietnamese. And she took me some local restaurant. All was so cool. Especially I can't forget sitting on road and drinking coffee or juice. Thank you Thien. You are greatest guide I ever met.

She guided me Saigon City (Ho Chi Minh City) during the New Year (Tet) and I really enjoyed it.

She took me around the city by motor cycle or walking, and introduced me the many hot spots and the background of them. It was so nice that I experienced the places not on the guidebook for tourists.

She was born and raised in Saigon. It was also interesting to know what real Saigonese thinks.

I also appreciate that she provided me a lot of information according to my requests before the visit.

If you would like to feel the atmosphere of Saigon not only for the tourism places but also for the real life, I believe she will be the best guide for you.


バイクや徒歩で街中を周りながら、穴場を教えてもらったり、目にするものの背景の解説してもらったり... ガイドブックに載っていないサイゴンを体験できたのが収穫です。




She speaks English very well and is so clever. She guides me local market and street food with her bike. Nice experience to know what the real Saigon is. Thank you :)


She is a good tour guide.

Vietnamese coffee, Pho, Sugarcane juice, Shopping ...

Thanks to her, I had a wonderful time.
I want to go to HCMC again!


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