Tokyo local culture and food tour

Tokyo local culture and food tour

Tokyo, Japan


Hi, I'm Gaku. I am a network engineer in Tokyo. I can bring you around Tokyo. For example, traditional spot, tower of symbol in Tokyo, Ghibli M... (read more)

Activity Detail

Duration: 5 hours

Places to Guide: Kamakura, Harajuku Takeshita-dori, Asakusa, Akihabara, Kabukicho, Shibuya Center Town, Hama Rikyu Gardens

Hi, I'm Gaku.
I am a network engineer in Tokyo(^o^)

I can bring you anywhere you want to go around Tokyo!
I can do anything you could think!

This activity price does NOT include your meal fee, transportation fee, etc.
[Info] Price of Tokyo Train 1day pass : 1,580 Japanese Yen (you can take all train in Tokyo, JR line, Subway)

<Day and Time>
Generally, I can meet you weekend, holiday, nighttime.

- Traditional Japanese spot: Asakusa, Kamakura, etc
- Tokyo Sky Tree, the highest tower in the world
- Enjoy Manga and Anime in Akihabara
- Japanese fast food: Gyudon, Soba, Ramen!
- Special local foods, not only Sushi, Sashimi
- Sing at Karaoke
- Shopping in pop street "Harajuku"
- Eat Sushi with surprising rotation delivery system
- Walk along Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden
- Go to Meiji Shrine
- Drink and eat at Port style bar in Shinjuku
- Experience Shinjuku Omoide Yokocho(side street), a representative Izakaya(Japanese style pub)street
- Purikura, a funny photo sticker booth young girls like

Please feel free to ask me.
Waiting for you in Tokyo. Enjoy Japan!!

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Reviews (10)

Thanks Gaku & Shon for taking us to Shibuya which was such a amazing place for shopping and especially The Takeshita Street where we had bought many cheap & quality clothing, we enjoy very much with them.

By doing Apps searching from my mobile phone, I found "Meetrip and started to have email communications with Gaku prior my trip regarding what I want and what he can do for me. Gaku is very helpful and I am glad to meet his friend Shun too.

The experience I gained during this tour is far exceeded the cost of the tour. It's good to know that how Meetrip works and the rational behind this project.

As I do not have friends in Tokyo and I want to know more about the culture, the country from a different channel. I found that Meetrip may be a good and safe way on having such extraordinary experience.

Through Meetrip I have chance to meet local friends like Gaku and Shun. We exchanged ideas from different country/culture point of view and how we grow up differently during the interaction during our conversation in the tour.

Gaku is ambition and passion. He took good care of me. We treated each other as a new friend instead of the relationship as a tour leader and tour member. Both of us learned a lot from each other after the tour.

I highly recommend "Meetrip" to those who look for a extraordinary travel experience, especially for those places, sometimes people may already getting tired of it. I will continue to participle "Meetrip" if I planned to go to the "Meetrip" available cities.

I think the photos show that we all have fun today.

Gaku was awesome! He woke up extra early on a Saturday so we could go visit the Tsukiji Fish Market. We had a lovely early lunch together at Asakusa and visited the Sensoji Temple. After, we traveled to Studio Ghibli Museum in Mitaka. I felt sick and Gaku was so considerate during the whole mini-fiasco. I really appreciated his patience and kindness. I highly recommend Gaku for any Tokyo travel needs! Thanks Gaku!

Gaku and Kei met me for dinner my first night in Tokyo and they brought me to eat traditional Japanese Okonomiyak which was delicious! They were so kind and brought me somewhere I probably never would have found on my own. Thank you Gaku!

We had a wonderfull, wide Tokyo style Saturday night with Gaku & his friends in Shinjuku. Good food & nice people!!! After dinner karaokee party - surley the best experience ever in Tokyo on our last night!!!

My friend and I met up with Gaku in Shibuya to go eat sushi.
It was my friend's first time in Tokyo - and Gaku was a great guide! We had a fantastic time at sushi, got to walk around Shibuya quite a bit, get desert, and take purikura.

Gaku is really, really nice - I HIGHLY recommend him to anyone that wants to have a nice, chill time!
Thanks Gaku!

I and Gaku had Korean food in Korean Town 'Shin-okubo' in Tokyo, it was so fun! Although I am in Japan, I felt South Korea! I felt the two countries at a time! It is interesting and new experience!

I had a dinner at Rotation Sushi with Gaku and his friend Guncha (sorry, if the spelling is wrong).They are both cheerful, curious and patient. Thanks for your tolerant abou how i use chopsticks. Delicious foods and surprising delivery of the restaurant, it was totally nice experience. Recommend to all.

I had the best time on my first Meetrip with Gaku! We went to a very unique seafood restaurant in Shinjuku where you can grill your own food! All of the sashimi was also really good, very Japanese, which was exactly what I wanted! Gaku is so fun and nice, we had a great time! he speaks pretty good english too which is a plus!!

hey Gaku!. Thanks for guiding me @ Ryougoku. I've never been to there before even tough i came from Mongolia. I sometimes pass by The Kokugikan but i never went there to see what is inside in it.So this time was a good experience for me. Next time i want to see a sumo wrestlers during their training. Nabe near Ryogoku.

Discuss your travel plan! The local host wants to hear what you are interested in doing.

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