Local Shamisen class experience

Local Shamisen class experience

Okinawa, Japan


沖縄出身の父と東京出身の母の間に生まれ、 兄と弟に挟まれ、わんぱくに育つ。 幼少期は、神宮前で育つ。幼稚園は行かず、代々木公園で、お日さま保育(おひさまの会)で、毎日どろんこになりながら幼少期を過ごす。 小学校2年生で、原宿から石神井へ引越し。 小学校から中学まではそれほど変化... (read more)

Activity Detail

Duration: 2 hours

■Local Shamisen class experience
・Guests can learn Shamisen with local children from local Shamisen teacher in Itoman where the Shamisen deeply connect with culture and everyday lives.
・The class play some Japanese folk song.
・Local children practice and sing songs with Shamisen, so guests can hear it.
・With a old teacher who settled in Okinawa, guests can experience the local atmosphere.

Around 2 hours

■ Price (Per person)
※ you needn't bring your belongings
※ The price fluctuates by a rate.

Tuesday and Friday 7:00PM - 9:00PM
※ Guests need to come to Uminchi Seaside Park in 6:30pm . We will take guest to the teacher's house.
※ Please contact us and take a reservation of the day before you come

Address : Maezato1931, Itoman city, Okinawa, Japan
Place: Uminchi beachside park

■Place (Uminchi Seaside Park)

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