Male Kazuki

Yokosuka, Kanagawa



Language: 日本語, English

► About Me
- I'd lived in Canada for a year to basically study English so that I can speak conversational English. It's been a while since I came back to Japan from Canada and I haven't spoken English and haven't got many opportunities to make international friends. I really like to talk about different culture, food, sports and life with people from around the world.

I've played baseball for more that 10 years. Baseball is really fun sports but I don't usually watch the professional baseball game.

My favorite city in Japan is Yokohama. I really love it and want to let people know about Yokohama.

► My Hobbies
- are playing sports, reading books, watching movies, listening music, traveling around the world. I know that I have a lot of hobbies as you can see. haha I'm the person who is full of curiosity.

► My best travel experience
- is living in different country. It was in Canada. I hadn't really been to other countries before went to Canada. Even there are not many foreign people in Japan so I was not used to communicate with them. Once I started living in my life in Canada, every single stuff that happen to me became so much fun. Everything was new and exciting. I would like to work at different countries in the near future.

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