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Welcome to join TABICA!

Let's get together for Japanese local and traditional activities hosted by local-farmers and local-craftsman. There are a lot of beautiful place and traditional activities which is still difficult to access for foreigners. Let's share those hidden but beautiful place and experience together! All the activities would be held within day-trip area from Tokyo organized by local activity marketplace called TABICA. We can also have meetups for Zazen(meditation) in every other Friday night. Looking forward to explore deep Japan with everybody!

【What is TABICA?】

A marketplace for local and authentic activities.
Our vision is to make it accessible for people to experience the life of locals and make it easier for everyone to communicate with locals. Science shows that feelings are induced by communication with others. Life is diverse even within the country. By “diving into the life of locals”, you actually feel the culture of the country. There are numerous places still hidden, but beautiful. We connect those places and locals with travelers!!

Offering Activities

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