Female Moeko

Toshima, Tokyo



Language: English, 日本語

► About Me
- Love chatting

► My Hobbies
- Reading books

► Favorite Quotes
-Where there is a will, there is a way

► My best travel experience

Reviews about Moeko


I went to Ghibli museum in Mitaka with Moeko on my second day in Tokyo this past March, and it was wonderful. The place is magical, not as small as i read it was, and full of details. The best part of it was the 15 min animation shown in the cinema, very fun and creative. Moeko was very kind and we shared a tomato miso soup (first time ever) and also had a tea made of wheat. Then she took me for a sushi lunch, delicious, and my first sushi in Tokyo, oishi! Afterwards we went to the Tokyo Metropolitan Goverment Building famous Kenzo Tange building, the views of Tokyo were impressive. All in all, Moeko was a great guide but better person, she is fun, and smart, if you ever have the chance to book an activity with her, do it. You are welcomed in Mexico anytime Moeko, nice meeting you!

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