Female Yuki

Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan



Language: 日本語

How do you do?

My work is knit designer.
Every day to study, it is very interesting work in the study.

My hobby is Fomula1 watching, overseas travel, jogging, walk ,, such as.

Favorite food is sushi, sashimi, yakitori.

Favorite drink is coffee, Rice Wine, wine,shoutyu.

Favorite place is Yanaka, Sendagi, Nezu, the University of Tokyo, Ueno, Kagurazaka, Asakusa.

I would like to chat with people variety through this site.
I English does not speak much.
I think that it should become able to speak English and I met with a variety of people.

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Work and Education:

  • 新潟商業高等学校
  • 文化服装学院(Bunka Fashion College)
  • 文化服装学院

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