Female 貝貝

Edogawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan



Language: 日本語, 中文, English

Hi. Please call me Qiqi.
I live in Tokyo and work as a saleswoman. I speak English, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese.
I like travel abroad and enjoy using Airbnb, also want to offer my room as Airbnb!
I love to communicate with foreign people , and listen to their story.
I have been to Korea, Taiwan, HongKong, Macao, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Saipan, US, UK, Luxembourg, Turkey, Mexico.... Hope this list can keep updating every year!

大家好,我叫祺祺(QiQi). 我和老公住在東京. 我是作為留學生來日本求學的, 現在我是一個OL在日本h会社工作. 我最大的愛好就是到處旅遊, 逛街購物, 還有吃盡天下美食啦! 非常自信的告訴你,我是一個東京通. 吃喝玩樂找我錯不了哦. 希望能和大家交朋友. 謝謝!!!!

Work and Education:

  • Softbank
  • ソフトバンクモバイル · 国際料金サービス部 · present to present
  • Tokyo Higher Normal School · Class of 2010
  • Beijing 101 Middle School · Class of 2000

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