Male Kenji

Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan



Language: English, 日本語

Hi everyone!! I have been to 30 more countries in my life and have lot of travel experience.

I have been to....
France,United States,Spain,China,Italy,Turkey,Germany,United Kingdom,Russia,Thailand,Laos,Malaysia,Singapore,Scotland,Brazil,Argentina,Chile,Venezuela,morocco,Tunisia and more...

I would like to help your only one local tour in Tokyo. I can guide you around Tokyo city. Please call me Ken!

please ask me any information about Tokyo.

for example,

・How to book hotel?
・How to get to the city from Airport?
・How to use subway?
・Where to go and how much?

Please tell me
1.When you arrive in Tokyo?
2.What nationality are you or where are you living in?
3.How many people?
4.Where do you want to go?

please refer this site for your future tour!

"88 things to do in Tokyo"

※This tour is not including Transportation fee,Food and drink fee.

Thank you and hope to see you soon!

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