Male Tuan Anh

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam



Language: English, Tiếng Việt

đẹp chai

Tuan Anh has been successfully handsome for nearly 30 years he has been on Earth. It was a tough beginning since there was no benchmark for him to compare with, but slowly Earthlings have welcome him enthusiastically, cheered him, cherished him and showed him that it's the highest level of handsomeness a human being could have. He's now happily living in a small, peaceful town in a small country on the planet.

Work and Education:

  • · Minion · Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam · Dec 2012 to present · Tournament for geeks.
  • TX Inc · CEO · Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam · Nov 2010 to Sep 2012
  • Yahoo! · Product Manager · Dec 2005 to Feb 2008
  • · present to present
  • Tgm Corporation
  • Phổ Thông Năng Khiếu · Class of 1997
  • High School for the Gifted - Vietnam National University · Class of 1997
  • National University of Singapore

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