Male Takashi

Nakano-ku, Tokyo, Japan



Language: 日本語, English

I am 43 years old married Japanese living in Nakano Tokyo.My kids are 4 and 6 years old.

I do a politician in my city Nakano-Ku Tokyo, professional photographer and something else.

I love to travel.I have been to China,Taiwan,Vietnam,Thailand,Laos,Indonesia,USA,mexco.

To make a communication with native people will be good memory of travel.

I wish to thank many people who helped me when I was a tourist.

That is why I will help you.I don't care about money.

I can take you to somewhere in Tokyo when I am free.
If you are alone, I can take you by my motorbike.

But I am always busy, please don't expect me too much sorry.

Work and Education:

  • 中野区議会議員 · 中野区議会議員 · Nakano-ku, Tokyo, Japan · present to present · 七票差落選したものの、奇跡の繰上げにより区議会議員当選! 無所属・無党派
  • 長野県立屋代高校
  • 中央大学法学部政治学科
  • 中央大学(Chuo University)

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