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Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa, Japan




Self introduction;

I do love mediation. The mediation is base of all imagination, creativity and life itself. I love Japanese sword and Samurai culture. I used do Iai-do which is a traditional martial arts with Japanese sword.

I do believe Japanese old religion "Shin-to" which is based on the animizum seeking for oneness of human culture and nature.

After a big earth quake in eastern Japan and nuclear power plant accident in Fukushima, I started to think how we can change our lifestyle. We don't want to many industrial products any more. We need simple life. We can create electronic power and food by our selves.

I do believe that Japanese traditional old culture based on oneness with nature and solidarity between human life and nature will contribute to global movement of "World Shift".

I think Japan can play a big role for global innovation movement "World Shift" thanks to this solidarity culture and new science technology. The new civilization will be born from new culture and new technology.

Business profile;

Perosnal Profile;

Founder & CEO at enmono Co., Ltd.
CTO at Nc network Co., Ltd.
Overseas sales section at Fujitsu Co., Ltd.

Keio University Media and Governance, Withdrawal from the Doctoral Program with the Completion of Course Requirements
Keio University Media and Governance, Master
Meiji Gakuin University, International study, Bachelor
Shiba High School
Shiba Junior High School
Shirokane Elementary School at Minto-Ku

港区立 白金小学校 卒業

Model production 1989 "Laugh! In'89" staff member
Model production 1990 "A Midsummer Night's Dream" cast

Eishin-ryu iai-do
Toyama-ryu Batsutou



Personal portal:

About Miki's Family:

+Miki Handayu was one of outstanding commanders under Nobunaga who had been dominated the center of Japan around Japanese medieval age.

+Miki's ancestor was a military adviser for the gun's strategy of Takamats- han.

+ One of Miki's ancestors, name St. Paulo Miki (c. 1562[1] – February 5, 1597) was a Roman Catholic Japanese Jesuit seminarian, martyr and saint, one of the Twenty-six Martyrs of Japan.
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 ・日本二十六聖殉教者 パウロ三木は当家の祖先とされる。パウロ三木は後にローマ法皇に聖人認定される。


About Zazen:

From three years ago when I established my compny, I started early morning meditation at the time of from 4 to 5 a.m. in the morning.

Now, I am tring to meditate nothing but the words of the only sit = "Shikan-Taza"

However, only recently. Sit to concentrate only on that rather than looking for something to Zazen.

About past three years, I feel such a change also surprised myself.
I think I want to continue to continue meditaion.

+Feeling that as a change unperturbed accident.
+A clear line of sight with respect to future business and life.
+Negative emotions are reduced to extreme even unintentionally.
+Meeting with people in need has grown dramatically
+All have experience that is an extension of yourself.

Around this time today is no longer a place has been enjoying a leisurely life in Kamakura. .



 最近ようやく、「只管打坐」= ただただ座るのみ の言葉を心がけて座禅をするようになりました。何かを求めてではなく、坐禅することのみに集中をして座ります。




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