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Exciting Tokyo - One Day Tour

Please select some places to go from the list below.

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Please select some places to go from the list below. If you can’t choose the places, just tell me what kind of places you want to go and what kind of activities you want to try and enjoy. I will propose a special itinerary for you.

1. Asakusa area
1.1 Semsoji temple and Nakamise-Dori ; This temple is Tokyo's oldest and most popular temple with a big gate and 5 story pagoda. Nakamise-Dori is a pedestrian street leading to the temple lined with many traditional shops and souvenir stands.
1.2 Kappabashi Dougugai ; Kappabashi is a place full of restaurant supply stores. Each store has its own specialty ; dishes, furniture, aprons and hats, baking utensils, cooking utensils, lanterns and super-real plastic display food.

2. Tokyo Sky Tree (Admission fee : Weekday 3,100JPY, Holiday 3,400JPY) ; It’s the tallest free-standing broadcasting tower in the world (634m ). Its higher observation room is at the height of 450m. I can wait at the bottom of the tower, if you think 3,090JPY for the guide is too much.

3. Tsukiji area
3.1 Fish market ; It’s best known as one of the world's largest fish markets, handling over 2,000 tons of marine products per day. You can enjoy fresh sushi there. Basically, it’s close on Wednesday, Sunday and national holiday.
3.2 Honganji temple ; This temple is one of the biggest temples in Japan and its main hall is a modern building not like a traditional temple.
3.3 Hamarikyu garden (Admission fee : 300JPY) ; This garden is a typical Daimyo(Japanese feudal lord) garden in the Edo period with a tidal pond and two wild-duck hunting sites

4. Shinjuku area
4.1 Shinjuku Gyoen national Park (Admission fee : 500JPY) ; It is considered one of the most important parks of the Meiji Era. It's wonderful for strolling because of the variety of its planed gardens; styles range from French and English to Japanese traditional.
4.2 Observation room of Tokyo metropolitan city hall ; You can have a sky view of Tokyo at the height of 202m. It’s not as tall as the Sky Tree, but free of charge.
4.3 Samurai museum (Admission fee : 1,900JPY) ; The beauty of samurai spirit is shown in Japanese swords and their costumes. You can see what samurai spirit is and feel their spirits still living in today’s Japanese people. As there are good guides in this museum, you don’t need to pay my admission fee.
4.4 Robot restaurant (Admission fee : 8,000JPY) ; If you want to see the robot restaurant crazy show, I will bring you there and finish the tour. Because the show time is evening and night.

5. Harajuku area
5.1 Meiji Jingu shrine (Admission Free, Japanese garden : 500JPY) ; This is Tokyo's most venerable Shinto shrine, opened in 1920 in honor of Emperor and Empress Meiji. It has two big Torii, a traditional gate of shrines.
5.2 Takeshita dori (Shopping street) ; This street is the center of Japanese Kawaii (Cute) fashion and very popular with young girls.
5.3 Ota Memorial Museum of Art (Admission fee : 700JPY) ; Ukiyoe is a Japanese traditional wood-block printing developed during the Edo period. It affected impressionist artists in Europe like Gogh and Monet.

6. Shibuya area
6.1 Shibuya scramble crossing ; This is one of the most popular sightseeing spot for foreigners. Check Japanese people’s behaviors here.
6.2 Depachika (the food section in a department store basement) ; It carries many kinds of food from prepared delicacies to delicious imported confectioneries.
6.3 Samurai Armor Photo Studio (Option 13,000JPY) ; You can wear Samurai Armor and take photos ( 2 poses / 10 shots). Reservation is required. Of course, you don’t need to pay for the guide.

7. Akihabara ; Akihabara has two faces. The first one is electronics shops town and the other one is the center of Otaku culture. Otaku is a Japanese term for people with obsessive interests, commonly the anime fandom. There are so many amine goods shops here and a maid café is one of the symbols of Otaku culture.

8. Ueno area
8.1 Ueno Park ; It's a cultural mecca with a number of museums including the prestigious Tokyo National Museum and the delightful Shitamachi Museum with its displays of old Toyko, Ueno Zoo and so on.
8.2 Ameyoko (Shopping Street) ; This street is crowded with stores offering clothes, fresh fish, dried food and so on.
8.3 Yanaka ; You can feel an old style traditional town. There are many small temples, boutiques and ateliers.

9. Tokyo Camii ; It’s the largest mosque in Japan and known as the most beautiful mosque in all of Asia.

9:00am - 17:00pm

Meeting Point:
At your hotel in Tokyo

Price Includes:
Guide fee
Transportation cost of the guide

Price Doesn't Include:
Your transportation cost (Approx. 900JPY per person)
Lunch (you and the guide)
Admission fee (you and the guide)


: US$80 / Person
: Tokyo, Japan
: 8 hours

Ask to Hideaki

About LocalHost

► About Me
I’m Hideaki Murayama. Just call me “Mura” or “Mura-san”. “San” means “Mr.” or "Ms." in Japanese.
I'm a "National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter" in English.
My basic policy as a tour guide is to entertain my guests with my best hospitality. I really like to see my guests smiling. I myself also enjoy chatting with my guest about not only a general explanation about Japanese culture and history but everything based on my experiences and hobbies.
Let’s enjoy a wonderful tour in Japan !

► My Hobbies
My hobbies are playing golf, listening classical music and watching football.

► My best travel experience
I have experiences to live in the following cities on business.
- Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) Four years
- Nantong (China) One and half years,
- Jakarta (Indonesia) One and half years
- Baton Rouge (Louisiana, USA) Two years.

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