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Tokyo Rock Lives Through the Nights

If you are interested in live, please come and see rock live. I'll show you amazing lives of J-pop,J-rock Artists.

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If you are interested in live, please come and see rock live.
This genre, called J-rock or J-pop, has recently been gaining fans overseas with great momentum.The center of this activity is here in Japan, in cities such as Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka and Nagoya.
I have seen how Japansese rock is becoming incredibly cool.Babymetal recently made it to 39th place on Billboards general chart, and 7th place on the UK general chart.

Many bands are being produced by Japan that get invited to be headlines at venues like EXPO,Anime World,NY Playstation Theatre and Brixton in London.Such bands originally were only playing at about 100 live houses in Tokyo and Osaka (Even Babymetal could onlt get about 100 people in their audience during their live debut)

Many japanese bands are gaining attention from fans around the world.They are producing a unique sound and original style unlike anything else you can hear abroad.

Indeed I know many foreign friends,who come to stay in Japan for just a few months so they can see these bands live.

Don't overlook the opportunity to see these amazing bands live.Maybe some of the bands you can see are future record-breaker overseas.Then you can say 'I saw that band,live in Japan'.

As for me, I have listend to overseas Rock,Jazz,EDM for many years. I listend to music from various genres,including a great variety of bands. For example Journey,AeroSmith,Iron Maiden,Judas Priest,Duran Duran,Gary Moore,Cyndie Lauper,Eric Clapton,Earth Wind & Fire,Babyface and so many more.

Until 2 years ago, I was an IT-related office worker,but I was inspired by an overseas rock fan who sympathehic to Japanese rock.

[Aldious] YOZAKURA (night cherry)


[Gacharic Spin] Never Say Never


[Disqualia] Right now


[Bridear] Ignite


[Touch my secret] Get you Wild


[Psscode] Miss Unlimited




[DATE]2017/7/15 (sat) 18:00-21:00
[Venue] Shimokitazawa,Tokyo
[googlemap urll]


Meeting Point:
Shimokitazawa station South exit

Price Includes:
guide fee 1500yen

Price Doesn't Include:
live tickets(3000yen including 1drink),Drink and eat at Izakaya,transportation expenses


: US$15 / Person
: Tokyo, Japan
: 5 hours

Ask to Hirotaka

About LocalHost

► About Me
- I'm 50 years old. I'm professional National qualified trip supervisor.At the same time,I know a lot of Japanese Pop,Rock bands. And I have a lot of friends of Artists in Japan.
If you are interested in live, please come and see rock live.
These are quite different from music of other countries.You can experience funny,crazy,insane live. This must be the best originally experience all over the world.
I'll help you to introduce artists,take tickets,guide of live,show many traditional place and
experience in Japan. I'll make "only one,only for you" tour. Let's try it!
► My Hobbies
- Off course I go to many rock lives in Japan including Rock Festival.

► My best travel experience
- I love to communicate with people from abroad and talk about music.I listend to foreign music until 2013. I love so many genre of music,pops,rock,jazz,blues overseas for example Maddonna,LadyGaga,Babyface,QuincyJones,IronMaiden,QuietRiot,GaryMoore,AC/DC,Journey,VanHalen,DuranDuran,Mariah carey,CyndieLauper,Wham etc.
My dream is to take a trip with people from abroad and to entertain them.I would like to take you on best trip that impress on your life.

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