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Japanese Calligraphy "Zen" Asakusa

You can experience Japanese calligraphy and find favorite Zen word.

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What is “Zen”?
It's kind of buddhist training.“Zen” belief is “face yourself thoroughly and find answer inside yourself”.
It’s same as spirit of Japanese Calligraphy.

I’ll introduce “Zen” words, and choose your favorite word. Believe your intuitive and choose word that resonate with you. It’s time to face yourself.

First, take a deep breath and try to write many kinds of lines.The lines that made from your concentration show your mind.

And then, write your favorite “Zen” word. Good or bad is no matter. Just enjoy the time of calligraphy.
I’ll make hanging scroll, so you can bring back and decorate your work.
I’m very happy that you’ll remember your feeling and mind when you write it.

Last, I’ll write Kanji in chopstick cover and give it with chopstick as your present.
Try it out!

Tuesday and Friday afternoon, 1:00pm to 3:00pm.

Meeting Point:
Kappa Bashi street, near Asakusa station

Price Includes:
Calligraphy experience, little gift, and tea.

Price Doesn't Include:
Transport expenses


: US$65 / Person
: Tokyo, Japan
: 2 hours

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About LocalHost

I'm calligraphy artist living in Tokyo.
I began to study Japanese calligraphy from 6years old and now teach not only Japanese, but also foreigners.

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