Let's meet Totoro! Hike rich-nature Japanese countryside! 1
Let's meet Totoro! Hike rich-nature Japanese countryside! 2
Let's meet Totoro! Hike rich-nature Japanese countryside! 3
Let's meet Totoro! Hike rich-nature Japanese countryside! 4
Let's meet Totoro! Hike rich-nature Japanese countryside! 5
Let's meet Totoro! Hike rich-nature Japanese countryside! 6
Let's meet Totoro! Hike rich-nature Japanese countryside! 7

Let's meet Totoro! Hike rich-nature Japanese countryside!

Hike a modeled place of the movie "My Neighbor Totoro" in countryside! An old traditional house "Kurosuke's house"! Preserved forests "Totoro's Forest"! etc.

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About Activity


Do you know the movie "My Neighbor Totoro"?
It is an animated fantasy film directed by Hayao Miyazaki and produced by Studio Ghibli in 1988.
Hayao's animations are very popular in the world like other Japanese anime such as Doraemon, Chibi Maruko-chan, Pokemon.
This movie is one of the most popular movies in his works.
The story features Japanese countryside life.
Two young girls who moved to a house in the countryside meet mystical creatures at the nearby forest, and have several magical adventures.

In the movie you can see beautiful Japanese landscapes, so most of its viewers might dream to see the same landscape in Japan.
But even if you come to Tokyo or Kyoto, famous tourist cities, you can't see such landscapes easily anywhere!
This is because most of the forests near big cities are disappearing more and more due to the civilizing development.

Sayama Hills, whose village was modeled for the Totoro movie, is facing the same crisis.
Therefore, after the movie hit, a National Trust Fund was raised to protect the forests.
Those forests were named "Totoro's Forest" and bought to be preserved.
So if you go there, although it's a little developed and civilized, you can see almost the same landscapes as in the movie.
Forests, farmlands, rice fields, traditional houses, shrines and temples are still there!

This tour will give you the experience of a magical adventure like in "My Neighbor Totoro"!
Even though you can't find these spots on guide books, it's surely worth visiting!
So let's go to meet Totoro!!

First, we will go to Kojiya area in Sayama Hills.
There you will see a local shrine, rice fields and muddy ponds surrounded by large forest remaining as in the old days.
When you get off the local bus, you will be impressed that the landscape changes dramatically from urban to rural.
There you can also meet a mascot named Tocoro-chan which was made by the local people with ceder leaves.

Then, we will walk on the hill surrounded by the landscape of tea-plants farmland until "Kurosuke's house".
"Kurosuke" is the name of the black-soot character seen at the old house in the movie.
This house is an old traditional house having a history of over 100 years and it looks as if Kurosuke lived inside.
So it is named "Kurosuke's house"!
Here you can meet the "big Totoro character" as well!

After that, we'll walk again through the rural landscape until the Japanese Restaurant "Nakamura-ya".
At this restaurant you can have high-grade Japanese foods for a reasonable price.
Since it is not in crowded tourist city, you can have good food with good atmosphere!

Then after lunch, we'll go to the Totoro's forest no.1.
There are so many variety of trees that you will get to know how old Japanese people lived together with nature.
When you breathe in the middle of the forest, you will feel peaceful in your heart.
An old shrine next to the forest is also fantastic, somehow Totoro or some spirits seem to show up from behind!

And lastly, after walking along the big beautiful lake of Sayama-ko, we will drop by Sayama-Fudoson and Yamaguchi-Kannon.
These two temples were built intentionally after Sayama-ko lake was constructed, so they are a little different from rural landscape.
But their large luxury buildings are very interesting and worth seeing, so we will visit them at the end of the tour.

< Schedule >

9:00 Ikebukuro Station
| (Train of Seibu Line)
9:48 Kotesashi Station
| (Bus)
10:10 Kojiya Bus Stop
10:15 Hachiman-Jinja shrine
11:00 Hira-no-oka
11:15 Kinsen-ji Temple
11:40 Kurosuke's House
| (Seeing)
12:40 Japanese Restaurant Nkamura-ya
| (Lunch)
14:00 Totoro's Forest No.1
14:20 Horiguchi-Tenman-Jinja Shrine
15:00 Sayama-ko lake
15:30 Sayama-Fudoson
16:10 Yamaguchi-Kannon
17:00 Seibu-Kyujo Station
| (Train of Seibu Line)
18:00 Ikebukuro Station

(*We walk about 9 kilometers, about 5.6 miles, in total.)

< Availability >

Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday

< Meeting Point >

At Ikebukuro Station 8:50
(in front of "B1F Gate" of Seibu Ikebukuro Line)

< Price Includes >

# English or Japanese guidance and explanation about history, culture, nature, hiking and so on
# Good care for you to have a safe travel
# Taking photos for you
# Conversations to have a fun time!

< Price Doesn't Include >

# The charge for transportation, admission, meal, postage and such expenses
(The transportation fee is about 1000 JPY from Ikebukuro Station.)
(The price of food at the restaurant "Nakamura-ya" is about 650-2000 JPY.)
# Insurance

< What to bring>

# suitable cloths & shoes for walking
# rain coat or umbrella
# drink
# insect repellent (if you need )
# sun screen (if you need )

< Notes >

# The charge does not include transportation, admission, meal and such expenses.
# The transportation fee is totally about 1000 JPY from Ikebukuro station.
# The price of food at the restaurant "Nakamura-ya" is about 650-2000 JPY.
# Trekking shoes are not a must.
# All the guidance is in English or Japanese, but the guide can speak Thai and Spanish a little bit.
# Even if it will rain, we can do the tour. You can walk with putting up your umbrella.
# There are many public lavatories on the way.
# This is a hiking tour, so you are required to have basic strength to walk about 10 km.
# We don't go to dangerous place on this tour, but I recommend you to buy travel insurance in advance just in case.


: US$55 / Person
: Tokyo, Japan
: 9 hours

Ask to Eiji

About LocalHost

Hello, everyone!
My name is Eiji.
I work as a free official tour conductor for tour companies in Tokyo.
Here I offer my own planning tours with activities in nature, because I love outdoor activities in nature such as trekking, camping and cycling.

Japanese nature is very rich.
67% of the land is covered with forest.
In addition, more than 90 thousand species of animal and plant live in Japan with huge variety,
and also there are many local original species such as Japanese monkey, Japanese serow, Japanese raccoon dog.

It is believed traditionally that god lives in each outstanding mountain in Japan.
Shrines are built in the area of those mountains, and the land of those mountains has been protected from destruction and development.
This is one of the reasons why Japanese nature is so rich.
You can see plenty of animals and plants when you walk in mountain.

Although Mt.Fuji is very famous to foreign people, there are many other good places to do activities in nature.
I would like you to experience the Japanese rich nature very much!

Here this Meettrip site, I present you only easy hiking 1 day tours from the Central Tokyo, because I want everybody to take part in easily.
They include not only climbing mountain but also visiting enjoyable spots.
If you have basic strength and active mind, why not join my hiking tours?
With a good knowledge of safety management I will guide you safely to experience the wonderful Japanese nature!

Come on and enjoy your travel with me,
and a Little Monkey!

► My Status
- Japanese male tour conductor

► My Hobbies
- Outdoor activities such as hiking, trekking, camping, cycling

► My best travel experience
- Travel for half year in South America

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