Let's hike a mountain with a Large Buddha & explore a Sacred Cave! 1
Let's hike a mountain with a Large Buddha & explore a Sacred Cave! 2
Let's hike a mountain with a Large Buddha & explore a Sacred Cave! 3
Let's hike a mountain with a Large Buddha & explore a Sacred Cave! 4
Let's hike a mountain with a Large Buddha & explore a Sacred Cave! 5
Let's hike a mountain with a Large Buddha & explore a Sacred Cave! 6

Let's hike a mountain with a Large Buddha & explore a Sacred Cave!

Visit exciting but unknown spots to experience Japan! A large Buddha carved on rock wall! A sacred cave with numerous splendid reliefs! An old temple! and more!

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Do you want to travel around exciting spots in Japan?
This tour will take you to really exciting but unknown spots to experience mysterious Japan.

First, we will climb up a small mountain, Mt. Takatori, only 139-meter-high like a hill, but nice and fascinating.
The mountain is composed of limestone rock, so you can see some rock climbers near the summit, and we can enjoy the rocky way like an adventure in the deep alpine nature.

As we hike, you can find several attractions on the way.
A Big Buddha image carved on rock wall like Bamiyan in Afghanistan is the most impressive sight.
It stands in the middle of the mountain quietly.
A medieval temple, Jinmuji, which has more than 1300 years of history, is also a refined sight.
It makes you feel peaceful with its quiet atmosphere.
It is said that the first samurai shogun, Minamoto Yoritomo, who established the ancient Kamakura government, also came to worship this temple.
Of course, the view from the top is great!
If the weather is good, you can have a 360-degree view including Tokyo Bay and Mt. Fuji far way.
It's only a brief hiking for about 2 hours, but you will surely be excited!

Second, we will explore a sacred cave of secret Buddhism, Taya Cave, which has been carved in ancient times for meditation training.
Carrying a candle in your hand, you can find numerous splendid reliefs of Buddhism tales in the darkness of the cave:
a dragon, crane, turtle, Chinese zodiac animals, Buddhism saints, Sanskrit characters, Mandala and so on.
The corridors wind from chamber to chamber for about 1 km under the ground.
You will surely be impressed and overwhelmed by this wonderful and mysterious heritage.

Lastly, we will drop by a pottery gallery (ceramic art studio), Sueno-sato, for sightseeing and shopping.
This gallery opened in an old Japanese traditional house to show Japanese traditional potteries.
You can learn more about the Japanese sophisticated culture!

Even though you can't find those spots on guide books, it's surely worth visiting!!
Come on and have fun with me,
and a Little Monkey!

< Schedule >

09:00 Shibuya Station
| (Train of Toyoko Line)
09:40 Yokohama Station
| (Train of Keikyu Line)
10:20 Keikyu-Taura Station
11:10 Large Buddha
11:30 The summit of Mt. Takatori
12:00 Jinmuji Temple
12:30 Higashi-Zushi Station
| (Train of JR Line)
13:00 Ofuna Station
| (Lunch)
| (Bus)
15:30 Taya cave
| (Exploring)
16:00 Sueno-sato Pottery Gallery
| (Seeing & Shopping)
| (Bus)
17:00 Ofuna Station
| (Train of JR Line)
17:20 Yokohama Station
| (Train of Toyoko Line)
18:00 Shibuya Station

(*We walk about 8 kilometers, about 5 miles, in total.)

* If it will rain, hiking Mt.Takatori is slightly dangerous because it is slippery on the rocks.
So we will change the plan to visit temples & shrines in Kamakura, an old governmental city, like below:

09:00 Shibuya Station
| (Train of Toyoko Line)
09:40 Yokohama Station
| (Train of JR Line)
10:00 Ofuna Station
| (Bus)
10:30 Taya cave
| (Exploring)
11:30 Sueno-sato Pottery Gallery
| (Seeing & Shopping)
12:00 Sueno-sato Pottery Gallery
| (Bus)
12:30 Ofuna Station
| (Lunch)
| (Train of JR Line)
14:00 Kamakura Station
14:30 Zeniarai-Benten Shrine
15:30 Great Buddha of Kamakura
17:00 Kamakura Station
| (Train of JR Line)
17:30 Yokohama Station
| (Train of Toyoko Line)
18:00 Shibuya Station

< Availability >

Everyday (Sunday to Saturday)

< Meeting Point >

1. At Shibuya station 9:00
(in front of "Hikarie Ticket Gate" of Toyoko Line.) or
2. At Yokohama Station 9:30
(in front of "Chuo Ticket Gate" of Keikyu Line.)

< Price Includes >

# English or Japanese guidance and explanation for you about history, culture, nature, hiking and so on
# Good care for you to have a safe travel
# Taking photos for you
# Conversations for you to have fun time!

< Price Doesn't Include >

# The charge for transportation, admission, meal and such expenses
(The transportation fee is about 1800 JPY from Shibuya Station.)
(The transportation fee is about 1250 JPY from Yokohama Station.)
(The admission fee to enter the cave is 400 JPY.)
# Insurance

< What to bring >

# suitable cloths & shoes to hike mountain
# rain coat
# drink
# snack (if you want)
# glove (if you can bring)
# insect repellent (if you need)
# sun screen (if you need)

< Notes >

# You can choose the meeting point from Shibuya Station in Tokyo or Yokohama Station in Kanagawa prefecture.
# The charge does not include transportation, admission, meal and such expenses.
# The transportation fee is totally about 1800 JPY from Shibuya Station.
# The admission fee to enter Taya cave is 400 JPY.
# We have free time for lunch for about 1 hour at the restaurant area near Ofuna Station.
# The price to have lunch is about 500 - 1000 JPY at the Ofuna restaurant area.
# The lunch time will be late after the noon on schedule.
# Trekking shoes are not a must, but it is better if you wear.
# To take photos in Taya Cave is prohibited from religious reason.
# All the guidance is in English or Japanese, but the guide can also speak Thai and Spanish a little.
# Even if it will rain, we can do the tour by changing the plan.
# You can bring umbrella when we will go on the rainy-day plan.
# There are many public lavatories on the way.
# This is a hiking tour to climb a mountain, so even though it is only a small mountain, you are required to have basic strength to climb mountain.
# We don't go to dangerous place on this tour, but I recommend you to buy travel insurance in advance just in case.


: US$55 / Person
: Tokyo, Japan
: 9 hours

Ask to Eiji

About LocalHost

Hello, everyone!
My name is Eiji.
I work as a free official tour conductor for tour companies in Tokyo.
Here I offer my own planning tours with activities in nature, because I love outdoor activities in nature such as trekking, camping and cycling.

Japanese nature is very rich.
67% of the land is covered with forest.
In addition, more than 90 thousand species of animal and plant live in Japan with huge variety,
and also there are many local original species such as Japanese monkey, Japanese serow, Japanese raccoon dog.

It is believed traditionally that god lives in each outstanding mountain in Japan.
Shrines are built in the area of those mountains, and the land of those mountains has been protected from destruction and development.
This is one of the reasons why Japanese nature is so rich.
You can see plenty of animals and plants when you walk in mountain.

Although Mt.Fuji is very famous to foreign people, there are many other good places to do activities in nature.
I would like you to experience the Japanese rich nature very much!

Here this Meettrip site, I present you only easy hiking 1 day tours from the Central Tokyo, because I want everybody to take part in easily.
They include not only climbing mountain but also visiting enjoyable spots.
If you have basic strength and active mind, why not join my hiking tours?
With a good knowledge of safety management I will guide you safely to experience the wonderful Japanese nature!

Come on and enjoy your travel with me,
and a Little Monkey!

► My Status
- Japanese male tour conductor

► My Hobbies
- Outdoor activities such as hiking, trekking, camping, cycling

► My best travel experience
- Travel for half year in South America

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