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Tokyo Highlight

The tour for the main sightseeing places in Tokyo --Shibuya crossing , Meiji shrine,the Imperial Palace, Asakusa

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There are places you MUST SEE in Tokyo, this tour do the highlight in Tokyo.
Collected the most popular places for the sightseeing. This is just ideas, so if there are places uve already been to, or places you want to go instead, i can do it flexible.

The places we go in this tour are,

*Shibuya crossing (watching from close starbacks)
Its one of the amazing spot in Japan. You can see people cross the street from many angles without crashing each other. Its great to cross the street and see how it goes, but its also really beautiful if you see from higher perspective. There are starbacks where you can see the crossing, and its great place to take picture. Well go there , drink coffee, and take picture, and also good place to familize each other!

*Meiji shrine
This shrine is for dedicated for the deified spirites of Emperor Meiji, and Empress Shoiken.
Its located in Harajuku area. Harajuku is really modern town. And the shrine located in Harajuku, showing good contrast to it. Before we reach to the main shrine, we go through the forest. Actually this forest is artificial. And there were big projoct to make this forest in the centre of Tokyo. Ill tell you about that while we walk through the forest. Ill also tell you the manner how to pray in the shrine if you want. Its good to know that when you travel in Japan.

Asakusa is great town with Japanese local vibe attracting many tourists!
We go through shopping street called Nakamise street then go to Sensoji shrine.
Nakamise street has so many local shopping stores, for sure, you can find good sourvenior for your family, or friends. They also sells some Japanese goods and traditional sweets such as Ningyo Yaki,.
Sensouji temple is the oldest temple in Tokyo which was founded in the 7th century. There are also story and drawing around this temple ,ill show you this too.
There are many traditioanl Japanes restarant here, so if you are hungry, good place to have lunch !!

*the imperial palace
The imperial Palace is the remarkable landmark in central Tokyo.
The imperial palace was used to be an part of Edo castle about 400 years ago.
Now its used for the official residence of the emperoror.

After this tour, you know the important part of Tokyo sightseeing!!

1 Meet up at your accommodation in the morning. Please let me know where you want me to pick up,so i can pick you up.

2 Shibuya crossing!! We drink the morning coffee in the Starbacks
while see the people crossing the street

3 Then we will go to Meiji shrine.
We can walk the relaxing road to Meiji shrine in the town with historical talk.

4 the Guiding tour in the imperial palace, you can also see the beautiful garden there.

5 Asakusa!! There are traditional temple called Sensouji, and on the way to get there,
there are Nakamise shopping road, best time to buy your sourveniors!

Except Monday and Friday(due to close of the Imperial palace) after 13Apr2017

Meeting Point:
I can pick you up at your accommodation , please let me know the place where you want me to pick up

Price Includes:
tour guide,(there are no place which costs entrance fee in this tour).

Price Doesn't Include:
meals ,drink, transportation fee


: US$45 / Person
: Tokyo, Japan
: 6 hours

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About LocalHost

**Question about Japan, or the tour is really welcome. Even you arent willing to use my tour,
Im happy to share the ideas and help travelers .So feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

► About Me

Hi my name is Kenichiro,i was working in Disney land in Florida , and also was working as a tour guide around Ayers rock, so i know how to offer exciting tours.

When i was in Australia, the local friend showed me around, and made my travel much more fun. I realized travel experience changed dynamically if you can hear the idea from locals.I think your time in Japan is limited, and i want to help making your travel experience more memorable,
thats why, i decided to be a host in meetrip.

Ive done tour interpret some time, so i can do interpret when you want.
I can also give you tips for traveling in Japan if you want.

I love sports ,and open mided and so i want to guide you like your friend!!

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- soccer,marathon,snowboard, piano

► My best travel experience
-Australia Ayers rock, Niseko hokkaido Japan

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