Check the history of the cup noodle and make you own cup noodle!!  1
 Check the history of the cup noodle and make you own cup noodle!!  2
 Check the history of the cup noodle and make you own cup noodle!!  3

Check the history of the cup noodle and make you own cup noodle!!

Hi. I love Yokohama. There are many my favorite places. If you are thinking of visiting Yokohama area in your Japan trip, just let me know !!

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If you have time to visit Yokohama, the cup noodle museum is one of the great place.
The cup noodle museum exhibits the history of the cup noodle that how cup noodle has been developing. The cup noodle was invented by Momofuku Ando who was genius.
You also can make your own cup noodle at there. They have many kinds of flavors and ingredients so that you can choose them and design your cup noodle. It’s pretty fun. This place is really popular for couple and family and good location. Even if you get hungry, there are many places to have something to eat around cup noodle museum.

We first meet up at the Shinagawa station at the 1pm.
Take train bound for Yokohama and get off at the Yokohama station. It's about 30 minutes.
- 1:30
After you arrive at the Yokohama station, you have two options to get Cup noodle museum.
One is just taking train to get the Cup noodle museum. It's about 20 minutes.
- 1:50
The other one is heading there on foot. It's about 50 minutes.
- 2:20
( I recommend you guys to walk to get there because I can show you around Yokohama and the view.)

We might have about an hour left after arrive at the Cup noodle museum.

Basically on the Saturday and please let me know 7 days in advance at least.

Meeting Point:
Shinagawa station

Price Includes:
Price includes your great experience in Yokohama area and nice Japanese friend(it's me).

Price Doesn't Include:
It doesn't include food, beverage and transportation fee.


: US$15 / Person
: Tokyo, Japan
: 2 hours

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About LocalHost

► About Me
- I'd lived in Canada for a year to basically study English so that I can speak conversational English. It's been a while since I came back to Japan from Canada and I haven't spoken English and haven't got many opportunities to make international friends. I really like to talk about different culture, food, sports and life with people from around the world.

I've played baseball for more that 10 years. Baseball is really fun sports but I don't usually watch the professional baseball game.

My favorite city in Japan is Yokohama. I really love it and want to let people know about Yokohama.

► My Hobbies
- are playing sports, reading books, watching movies, listening music, traveling around the world. I know that I have a lot of hobbies as you can see. haha I'm the person who is full of curiosity.

► My best travel experience
- is living in different country. It was in Canada. I hadn't really been to other countries before went to Canada. Even there are not many foreign people in Japan so I was not used to communicate with them. Once I started living in my life in Canada, every single stuff that happen to me became so much fun. Everything was new and exciting. I would like to work at different countries in the near future.

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