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Let's become Geisha!

Experience traditional culture especially wearing Kimono and take a walk around temples and shrines. So, You can feel more Japanese!

Map-pin-grey Tokyo, Japan

About Activity


Would you like to wear Kimono?

Kimonos are traditional Japanese style clothes. "Kimono" meant "something you wear" originally. Long ago, people in Japan wore kimonos every day. Now, people only wear a kimono for special occasions such as formal ceremonies.

A kimono is a robe shaped like a "T". Normal kimonos reaches to the ankles, and have very long sleeves. Kimonos for women usually have a colorful design of flowers, butterflies, etc. People wear a wide belt called an obi with their kimono. Obi are also colorful.

Women's kimonos are all the same size. They fold them and tuck them to make them the right size. People who are very tall or heavy have to have kimonos made for them.

There are different types of formal and casual kimono. Kimonos are usually made of silk, but there are cotton and polyester kimonos as well.

Kimonos are very expensive. One woman's kimono can cost more than US$10,000. The obi (belts) are very expensive too. They can cost thousands of dollars. Most people's kimonos are not so expensive. Some people make their own kimono, or buy them second hand.

Japanese people have been wearing kimonos for hundreds of years. Today, kimonos are worn only at special times. More women wear kimonos than men. Men wear kimonos most often at weddings and Japanese tea ceremonies. Men's kimonos are made of haori (top) and hakama (loose-fitting pants).

People who play some sports like kendo also wear kimono. They are tough, thick and short, not like typical women's kimono. They are usually called do-gi.

In Japan people can take classes about wearing kimonos and learn about how to choose kimonos and how to tie the obi.

Most Japanese women do not know how to put on a kimono by themselves because it is very difficult. Some people work as "kimono dressers". They help people to put on their kimono.

Some people still wear kimonos every day in Japan.

In this tour, You can wear Kimono and take a walk around Asakusa traditional town in Tokyo. I am sure you can have an unforgettable experience and feel more Japanese.

Specific schedule of the tour:
First of all, I pick you up at your hotel or the nearest station.
Then we go to Kimono shop and you will be dressed up as Geisha!
After that, we go around Asakusa the old traditional town where you can see temple and shrine.
During you are taking walk there, you can enjoy souvenir shopping and an authentic local lunch.
Finally, we go back to Kimono shop and finish the tour.

As long as Kimono shop is vacant, you can take my tour almost everyday.
However I need to prepare your Kimono. Please contact me without reserve at least 7 days before.

Meeting Point:
We meet up at your accommodation or the nearest station.

Price Includes:
Things about wearing Kimono you need for the event.

Price Doesn't Include:
Lunch. if we eat together, please pay for mine.

FYI, if you would like more cultural things (Calligraphy, Food sample, Dinner party etc), I will be able to add them.

I would be very grateful for your inquiry and booking.


: US$149 / Person
: Tokyo, Japan
: 6 hours

About LocalHost

Hello, very nice to meet you!

My name is Kazu(nick name).

I can take you the places you want to see as your travel supporter in Japan. I know so many local places that are NOT inserted in guidebook and memorize all the map in Tokyo as well. I am sure you feel more Japanese and go around smoothly on my tour.

I also can give you some traditional experiences : Calligraphy, Izakaya(local bars), Japanese restaurants, Making food sample etc.

I would be very grateful for your inquiry and booking.

Thank you.

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