A Custom-Made Tour (Tokyo and neighboring prefectures) 1
A Custom-Made Tour (Tokyo and neighboring prefectures) 2
A Custom-Made Tour (Tokyo and neighboring prefectures) 3
A Custom-Made Tour (Tokyo and neighboring prefectures) 4
A Custom-Made Tour (Tokyo and neighboring prefectures) 5
A Custom-Made Tour (Tokyo and neighboring prefectures) 6
A Custom-Made Tour (Tokyo and neighboring prefectures) 7
A Custom-Made Tour (Tokyo and neighboring prefectures) 8
A Custom-Made Tour (Tokyo and neighboring prefectures) 9
A Custom-Made Tour (Tokyo and neighboring prefectures) 10
A Custom-Made Tour (Tokyo and neighboring prefectures) 11
A Custom-Made Tour (Tokyo and neighboring prefectures) 12
A Custom-Made Tour (Tokyo and neighboring prefectures) 13

A Custom-Made Tour (Tokyo and neighboring prefectures)

Can't find any activities you want? Need a concierge of your trip? Then I'll be your help(*゚▽゚*)

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We will make our original tour together. Any requests are welcome!

Places I've shown people from abroad around (just for reference): Sanrio Puroland (the Hello Kitty theme park), Tokyo Metropolitan Archaeological Center, a kimono shop, Kichijoji, Tokyo Meatrea (the meat theme park), an outlet mall, Odaiba, the Fuji TV building, Rainbow Bridge, Joypolice (an amusement park), Ikebukuro, Animate (the mecca for anime and manga), the Imperial Palace, Asakusa, Tokyo Skytree, a trick art museum, ¥100 stores, Ameyoko, Tokyo National Museum, Harajuku, Meiji Shrine, Takahatafudoson Temple, Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office, a maid cafe, Yokohama, Ginza, Kabuki-za, Tsukiji Honganji, Tsukishima (the home of monjayaki), Shibuya, department store food basements, Izakaya, Bunka Gakuen Costume Museum, Tower Records, DJ shops and some other places. We also enjoyed karaoke, purikura, bowling and delicious food.

If you'd like to hang out with a person who knows a certain place quite well, you will perhaps not be satisfied. I know general things about Tokyo and neighboring areas. I will talk to you a lot to find out what you are interested and really like to do, and then I'll prepare. I sometimes bring one or two friends who are familiar with the place.

You can book me even just as a concierge: making reservations and preliminary inquiries. I'll give you a fine-tuned response than an agency.

If you just want a Japanese friend to hang out, I could be the one :)

It's all up to you! The duration shows 5 hours, but you can make it shorter or longer. This means it's $30/day for one person. If you'd like to book me more than one day, please hand me another fee.

Feel free to ask me.

Meeting Point:
Around Tokyo

Price Doesn't Include:
If I have to buy something (meals, tickets and so on), please pay for it instantly in addition to the base price. You'll also need to pay your necessary expenses (travel expenses, meals, tickets, for souvenirs and so on) too.
I would offer you a group discount or a repeated use discount depending on conditions.
If anything is unclear, feel free to ask me. I don't want to have any trouble!

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Maika was a wonderful guide during my time in Tokyo. She made arrangements at lots of great places for us to eat at and took me to interesting places to shop at. She was quite flexible when it came to last minute itinerary changes. I just can't say enough great things about her. Hopefully she will still be guiding during my trip to Tokyo. Thanks for everything!

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I had great fun with Maika! We explored the streets and a few temples in Asakusa before hunting down some food - I was extremely indecisive about food because there were just so many amazing options! My introduction to Japanese style karaoke would probably not have been possible without her - and it is a must do!
Do please book your tour with Maika! I guarantee you will be beyond satisfied with the outcome!

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Maika communicates well in the English language and even helped in ensuring that we get our return train ticket to Narita Airport by acting as our interpreter :) She helped us navigate through the complicated train transfers from shinjuku to imperial palace and asakusa, then back. She was able to brief us on the Japanese culture specifically on the current generation. Most importantly, She responds immediately to messages. Overall, I would say that me and my sister found her to be of very big help and would definitely recommend her to other travellers! Maika was a life saver haha otherwise we would have gotten lost in Tokyo :)

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: US$30 / Person
: Tokyo, Japan
: 5 hours

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Before joining this website, I showed people around Tokyo 7 times. All of them were from the Internet.
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