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1 Day Trip Around Shibuya!

Map-pin-grey Tokyo, Japan

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1. Shibuya
You can see the famous Shibuya Crossing and Hachiko Statue.

2. Harajuku
There are many attractive shops for young people around Takeshita-dori Street.
I'll take you to Monster Cafe if you want.

3. Omotesando
It's the most luxury shopping spot in Japan.
There is also Japanese souvenir shop.

4. Meiji Jingu Shrine
You can see Japanese traditional culture here.
The shrine is surrounded by deep forest, so you can spend quite time here.
The next to Meiji Jingu Shrine, there is Yoyogi Park which is an oasis in Tokyo.

5. Shinjuku (Option)
Shopping around the electric town.
Walking around Kabukicho town.

If you have a plan to go somewhere, I'll arrange the schedule.
I'll pick you up at the lobby of your hotel.
Costs of lunch and dinner are not included.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested.

Activity Reviews (1)

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Mariko was awesome. She was very knowledgeable not only about Shibuya but of large parts of Tokyo.
She genuinely seemed to love the areas we visited and delighted in showing me around. Together we visited areas that highlighted both the history and culture of Tokyo. I was very glad to have her as a guide.
I would definitely recommend her to any visitors.


: US$99 / Person
: Tokyo, Japan
: 8 hours

About LocalHost

Hello, I'm Mariko Tanaka, from Tokyo, Japan.
Now I'm studying to get a license of tourist guide interpreter.

I studied English at English school in the Philippines for a month in 2015, and for a week in 2016.
There were many teachers and friends from several countries: the U.K., the U.S., the Philippines, Korea, Taiwan, China, Vietnam and Malaysia.

I felt it's very interesting to talk with people from other countries because they told me their culture which I didn't know.
They also wanted to know about Japan, so I told them.
These experiences made me interest to guide tourists from other countries.

When you come and visit Tokyo, I'll guide you around Shinjuku and Shibuya, both are very exciting cities.
Feel free to contact me if you are interested.

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