Wherever you'd like to go in Tokyo! 1

Wherever you'd like to go in Tokyo!

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Hello guys and thank you for checking my page!
Welcome to Japan!!
I am 19years old and go to university in Tokyo.

Normally I can take you anywhere in Tokyo(or sometimes places close to Tokyo) I respect your
ideas so please feel free to tell me where you want to go! I can not only take you where you want to go, but also I can teach you the Japanese manner and culture.
As you're a tourist to Japan, I also like traveling around the world. So I believe I can understand what you want to achieve when you are in Japan :)
If you have any questions or get even a little bit of interesting to me, please feel free to ask me anything!!
Let's enjoy and explore Tokyo together!!


: US$15 / Person
: Tokyo, Japan
: 2 hours

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About LocalHost

Hi I'm 19years old and go to college in Tokyo.

I really love traveling. I've been to Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Thailand, Indonesia and NewZealand so far. I'm going to America this August and next year I'm planing to go to South America.

As I was born in Japan, where many people live without feeling any defficulty of living, I must have something to do. My mission to achieve while I'm in college is, to help poor kids in developing countries in Asia get to know the happiness of studying.

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