Easy bike tour of the heart of Tokyo. 1
Easy bike tour of the heart of Tokyo. 2
Easy bike tour of the heart of Tokyo. 3
Easy bike tour of the heart of Tokyo. 4
Easy bike tour of the heart of Tokyo. 5
Easy bike tour of the heart of Tokyo. 6

Easy bike tour of the heart of Tokyo.

Visit the center of Tokyo on community bike !

Map-pin-grey Tokyo, Japan

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Chiyoda-ku is the central district of Tokyo.
It is amazing because there are very confidential places like the Imperial palace , National Diet , as well as 'chaotic' and bustling places like Akihabara and Kanda , and also traditional places like Yasukuni Shrane all together!

But how do you go around?
Walking...nice, but need more hours and maybe exhausted.
Taxi...get on and off often and lose much $$.
Metro...yes there are many lines , but some stations are a labyrinth , maybe spend more time underground than on the streets.

Why don't you ride a Bike???

In Chiyoda-ku there is a community bike system, very convinient , and suprisingly motor assisted!

Take a look at

You have to register with your credit card in advance.There are few english instructions but I can guide you all the information.

Rental fee is only 200yen/1h.You can start and return at more than 30 places.The bikes are well maintainanced.
This fee is not included in my tour.You will be charged just the time you rode,by c/card.

My suggestion is to start from Tokyo Station , and then Nijubashi park , passing through National Diet and National Court , Chidorigafuchi Park ,and visit Yasukuni Shrine , and if you want to see Akihabara , its OK.
We can have some yakitori or fresh fish at Kanda or somewhere, upon your request.

Although the number of bikes are sufficent , but there is a limit , so please understand the situation when there are a shortage.I will give you an alternative method.

And also it is not a good idea riding in the rain , in case the tour maybe canceled.


: US$5 / Person
: Tokyo, Japan
: 2 h 30 min.

About LocalHost

Hi , I raised up in Tokyo and now live near Tokyo.
I love traveling , and was helped by a meetrip guide and this is my turn for help you.
I'm happy to guide you to the attractive places , on demand of your interest.
I speak Japanese , English and (very basic)Mandarin Chinese.

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