Introduction to discovery of "REAL" 日式拉麺 1
Introduction to discovery of "REAL" 日式拉麺 2
Introduction to discovery of "REAL" 日式拉麺 3

Introduction to discovery of "REAL" 日式拉麺

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In Taiwan,there are so many 日式拉麺 restaurant.
We Japanese think some of them are pretty good.
Especially 山頭火 and 博多一風堂 are same taste as in Japan.

But I know some of 日式拉麺 in Taiwan is "NOT REAL".
OK, if I ask Japanese who loves ramen "which do you like better Japanese ramen in Japan or 日式拉麺 in Taiwan?",I'm sure they would choose Japanese ramen in Japan.

This tour is so simple. I as known as "Ramen Maniac" who have eaten around so much Tokyo ramen will show you the best ramen in Tokyo.
Popular ramen in Tokyo, minor but good ramen, new ramen which will be in fashion,ramen which you want to talk to someone about after eating...
First I will ask taste you like, then let's go to eat in a couple of restaurants I choose from your taste!

●We won't take you to famous restaurants, chain restaurants (Because you can easily find them by a guidebook.)
●We will take you to new restaurants which was built after 2000.
●Before joining this tour, you should know it's not good for your health if you eat a coulple of ramens a day.
They are high in calories.
●If you want to eat Taiwan ramen which exists only in Japan,let me know beforehand.
●Ramen is not included in tour rates.(Please pay for ramen by yourself.)

Let's enjoy today's Japanese ramen in Tokyo!








: US$15 / Person
: Tokyo, Japan
: 4 hours

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