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Experience Japanese food in my home

My family usually cook by ourself. we invite you Japanese dinner and you can eat local food in my home.

Map-pin-grey Tokyo, Japan

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Have you already decided what to eat for dinner?

Would you like to have an authentic Japanese cuisine?

Japanese cuisine (washoku) offers an abundance of gastronomical delights with a boundless variety of regional and seasonal dishes as well as international cuisine. Restaurants range from mobile food stands to centuries old ryotei, atmospheric drinking places, seasonally erected terraces over rivers, cheap chain shops and unique theme restaurants about ninja and robots. Many restaurants are specialized in a single type of dish, while others offer a variety of dishes.

Also, it is famous throughout the world for being healthy and delicious. We don't use many seasonings, and they try to bring out the natural flavours of the ingredients with broth and spices. that is the secret of getting popular.

Then I Invite you my home meals my mother makes or we cook together.

The price is $49 per person. it includes food and drink.

The place is in Shinjuku. I'll pick you up at your hotel or the nearest station. Please tell me where you stay.

I will adjust my schedule as much as possible.
Please contact me without reserve by 3 days before.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. I look forward to meeting you. Thank you.

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I was told that it was rare to be invited to a Japanese home, so I was delighted to see Kazu's offer to spend an evening with him and his family. I had a wonderful time. The meal was great, and they were friendly and engaging. With Kazu as the interpreter, communication was easy. For me it will always be one of the best memories of Tokyo and Japan. Thank you Kazu, and thank your family for having me as a guest.

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: US$49 / Person
: Tokyo, Japan
: 2 hours

About LocalHost

Hello, very nice to meet you!

My name is Kazu(nick name).

I can take you the places you want to see as your travel supporter in Japan. I know so many local places that are NOT inserted in guidebook and memorize all the map in Tokyo as well. I am sure you feel more Japanese and go around smoothly on my tour.

I also can give you some traditional experiences : Calligraphy, Izakaya(local bars), Japanese restaurants, Making food sample etc.

I would be very grateful for your inquiry and booking.

Thank you.

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