Ginza walking tour like backpackers 1

Ginza walking tour like backpackers

Map-pin-grey Tokyo, Japan

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Hi, I’m Ryuta!
Call me Ryuta!
I was a backpacker 10 years ago.

My first plan to share memories with you.
I often walk around Ginza area.

Fashion, eating and coffee I love!
(Not so deep...)
Dance music, I love too.

Cheap and delicious, cheap and nice, we will find!

Let’s talk and walk around Ginza together!

And ask me if you where you want to go!
I will do my best!

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Met with Ryuta and his friends in the evening of the last day in Ginza. Very glad we made that decision because we learned so much and visited many places in Ginza which would have been almost impossible for a non-japanese speaking person to know about or navigate. Ryuta was really well-organized and professional throughout the tour. Happy to have made an acquaintance with such a friend! Thanks Ryuta!


: US$20 / Person
: Tokyo, Japan
: 3 hours

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About LocalHost

Hi my name is Ryuta Sagara.
Call me just Ryuta please^^

I like to travelling the world.

I was backpacking for 10 months in South East Asia(Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia) and Perth Australia,
for 10 days in Seoul Korea,
for 10 days in NYC United States,
for a month in Madrid Spain and Morocco.

I am a person like I can believe I can do it until my passion is buring hot^^
I am a person who likes talking in English with you guys and ladies together^^
I am a person who likes to take you into the brand new world from an usual day through my travel guide tours^^

I love to listen to the dance music such as House Music.
I love to dance with my favorite music by free style.

Hope you can choose my tours in a list of Meetrip^^

I will do my best in my tours in order to satisfy your some expect to me^^

I love Tokyo.
I know some about Tokyo.

If we together make our tours to nicer ones, it will be my pleasure^^

Thank you for reading about me^^

See you guys and ladies in Tokyo^^

Ryuta Sagara.


Ask me at when please if you would like to book my tours please, thanks^^

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