Japanese Styled Noodle Hopping at Tokyo 1
Japanese Styled Noodle Hopping at Tokyo 2
Japanese Styled Noodle Hopping at Tokyo 3

Japanese Styled Noodle Hopping at Tokyo

Map-pin-grey Tokyo, Japan

About Activity


Let's go to eat at local noodle store.
I will bring you 2 type sit eating styled noodle stores and a stand eating styled noodle store.
(The noodle made from wheat and buckwheat. The people with such allergy cannot participate. )

The tour will start at shinagawa Station. So it will end at shinjuku. In a store, you can choose a favorite dish or bowl from a menu. I will advice you for menu.
Foods , drinks and train fee are not included in Price. You must pay per store as your eating.
(For example , each foods fee is from 400JPY to 700JPY per dish or bowl)

If you can choose a free "BIG" electric store guide tour option.(1H only) Please, tell me before tour.


: US$36 / Person
: Tokyo, Japan
: 3 hours

Ask to Takayuki

About LocalHost

It has not only "A class" gourmet as tempura , sushi , sukiyaki but also "B class" gourmet as more taste in japan.
Although it is never an expensive price meal, delicious people's taste is guided.
Please leave the people's gourmet guide of Tokyo to me.


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