Hi! I'm coming Tokyo at April 18-21,I want ask anyone can help us book gundam front,doramon museum and tororo museum ticket through Lawson and seven-eleven.I will pay how much could be the charge?


Stringio Rie

Hi, here are links of their admissions.

In advance : Adult/College/High School : \1,000
And you can but the ticket at the 7-11 (Select 「Seven Ticket Gundam Front Tokyo」 on copy kiosks at 7-Eleven locations nationwide)

Doraemon Musium:
Adults and University Students
You can but the ticket at ONLY Lowson.

Totoro Museum(Ghibli Museum):
(japanese page)
Adults:1000yen. And also you can but the ticket at ONLY Lawson. You have to choose the time to visit there when you buy the ticket.

Hope it would be useful.
Have a nice trip. Enjoy!!

Thank you very much! I got my tickets now!think I should buy u a drink!thanks!!!

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