Hi, My friend and I will going to Tokyo on 16 March - 24 March. This is the first time for us go to Japan. I'm interested to visit some places which have nice environment or historical places and local food. Any have suggestion where I should go during in Tokyo?


Are you staying only in Tokyo during the schedule?

I recommend finding a guide. I think its much more fun to travel with someone who knows the area (both so you get more out of the trip AND you don't get lost).
I also recommend Asakusa. That's one of my favorite places in Tokyo

@Takashi: No, we planning going to kyoto.
@Grace: After I read your comment, I'm searching Asakusa in the net. Yes, you right, its beautiful place and I can't wait to visit Asakusa. Grace, thanks a lot for the information :)

Meiji shrine is a good choice.

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