Hi, I am 1st time visit Tokyo and will going on 16 April. Basically will in Tokyo for 5days and Hokkaido for 3 days. My objective is to visit sakura season, hot spring, Hakone, Disney land/Sea, Kitty World, Tokyo tower and etc...sightseeing and Food! Any local got any others places which cant miss?? I would like to know local friend too.


I heard that cherry blossom will come into bloom around March 24th in Tokyo and around May 4th in Hokkaido. If you are lucky, you may see them in Tokyo!!

In Tokyo, there are lots of good sight to see Sakura. For me, I like watching Sakura in Chidorigafuchi or Inogashira park. In Chidirigafuchi, you can see beautiful Sakura with beautiful sights of ponds and imperial court. If you really want, you can borrow boat and watch them nearly.

Inogashira park is also famous sight. It took about 20 minutes from Shinjuku by train. You can also enjoy Sakura in there too!! In Inogashira park, you may see lots of people enjoying Hanami (watching Sakura party).

If you want to know more, please let me know; )

Hi Aryano, are you available in weekday too?
Are familiar Hokkaido and Hokane as well? Can you give me your email so thar We can further discuss.

Hi Calyn, I'm a college student and my college will start from April. So, I can't tell you that I'll available in weekday. But, maybe, I can meet you some days except April 17th (I have part time job on every Wednesday).
I've been to Hakone (you wrote "Hokane", but maybe you wanted to write "Hakone") many times.
I've been to Hokkaido, too. However, I went there for ski on winter. So, I'm not familiar with tourist spot in there.

I tried to put my email address, but this site doesn't allow to put it in this page. I made this activity page, so please contact me from below if you are interested to visit with me.


Hello, I will visit Tokyo on 6/2 afternoon and I wanna find someone to guide Tokyo generally Do you have a time to guide to me? For reference, I'm 24 guy and from Korea I'll wait your reply!

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