I will be there from this friday to sunday in shibjuku. It is my first travel of tokyo. Can i get some help from someone? Of course, it is not free. ;)


Hi NamGyo!! welcome to Tokyo!! I hope you have so much fun in our town.
so If you need some help, would you contact some locals on this web site??

<How to contact locals>
1. access to this URL( http://meetrip.to/tokyo/tours )
2. look for activities or locals you are interested in
3. send message to locals you chose
4. discuss about the itinerary with local
5. if discussion would be approved, you can meet locals in Tokyo

Have fun Tokyo life!! ;-)

Hi i am from malaysia. I am going to Japan from 16 till 23 march? Do you plan for whole tour.. We will tell you where we would like to go..

Sure! I plan for your tour!
Could you send me private message from this page→https://meetrip.to/tokyo/tours/415

Ok great

I will going there for eight days. Basically would love to cover whole tokyo..central, south, west and north..

You can suggest the itinerary for me. I will be there with another two of my lady friend. Places and local great food ya!! Tqs pls quote

I actually found it's easiest to send a lot of messages to different hosts trying to figure out what days they are free.
And then they usually suggest fun places to go, so I don't have to plan that much.

I don't know if that helps... But good luck!

Can you access this page?? → https://meetrip.to/tokyo/tours/415

Let's talk about your trip!

How to discuss further?

How much per day? In tokyo

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