Hi,I will be visiting Tokyo in April. Would it be too ambitious to visit Edo-Tokyo museum, skytree, Sanrio Puroland and Yokohama in 1 day?


Even If you're very tough, it's a bit difficult. I recommend to skip Sanrio Puroland or Yokohama.

Thanks. I think I will visit skytree & edo-Tokyo museum since they seem nearby. Is there any place worth the visit which is not normally covered day tours covered by the usual tour operators.

Area of Asakusa (浅草) is often covered by tour operators. I recommend you there. There is a big temple "Senso-ji(浅草寺)" many locals and travelers visit to in Asakausa.

Sorry, I made a mistake.
Asakusa is covered by day tours.....

Yanaka (谷中) is one of the few districts in Tokyo where the shitamachi atmosphere, an old town ambience reminiscent of Tokyo from past decades, still survives. Throughout the district, there is an air of nostalgia and a rustic charm.

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