Any recommended restaurunts that local Japanese like to go in Tokyo? Would like to try something other than those written on the travel guide books..


Hi! I recommend you my favorite restaurants in tokyo.

①【Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki 】
Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki is from the place where i was born and raised ! you can see some pics of them in the website i attached.

②【Japanese Izakaya】
This Izakaya is popular among young people in Japan because it gives you lots of choices in food and great deals. You may also find it fun to order with machine there.

It is a popular and reasonable Japanese-style-BBQ restaurant in Tokyo. It would cost you around 2500-4000yen and you can find a coupon in the web(sorry only in Japanese thou..)

hope your trip will be a great one!!

Hi Candy :D
I have two recommend noodle restaurants.
but probably there is no English menu in these restaurant.
if you can, please try there XD

1. Ramen Jiro
Ramen Jiro is very popular and maniac noodle shop in Tokyo. Let's try super voluminous noodle!!

2. Omori-ken
Omori-ken is very local restaurant. Teppanmen is a tasty and reasonable set of noodle, rice and meat. I and my friends love this restaurant.

Enjoy Japan!!

Hi Candy. Nice to meet u ! If u would like to try variety of meat cruisin including from Japan pork noodles(拉麵)to Sukiyaki(壽喜燒),plz must visit the restaurant called Mansei(肉の万世). Here is the homepage for ur reference (1)
You may go to the biggest one ,which located at Akihabara(秋葉原)
Hope you like it !

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