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"Kabukicho Entrance Gate 歌舞伎町一番街"

Kabukicho is famous for the raw sexual energy that radiates from its gay bars or host clubs where women pay a small fortune for male company – even just talking. There are lots of things to do in Kabukicho. Most guidebooks say it Kabukicho not safe because it has historical ties to the Tokyo Yakuza mafia, however Kabukicho showcases the sexual side of Tokyo that most tours or guides tend to skip over.

Local Name: 歌舞伎町

Access Guide: Kabukicho is located near Shinjuku Station, Seibu Shinjuku Station(Seibu Shinjuku Line).

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2013.03.24-2 Gaku (Tokyo)


Kabukicho has unique phenomenon like danger, especially in the night tour. Usually, Travel agencies don't guide here. There are some bars with men companions for male customers. The men’s hairstyle is very unique style you can’t see in other places. But those bars are not for travelers, so so expensive!! I recommend you just see men in the outside of bars. Going to NOMAL Japanese bar 居酒屋, you can enjoy the Tokyo night life like local people.

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Open-uri20130429-8157-fpjas0?1367214217 Takashi (Tokyo)


Kabukicho is night club and restaurant area. It’s 5 minutes walking-distance from Shinjuku station. Visit Kabukicho around 9-11PM, and walk around. Your guide book might say it’s not safe area, and a package tour doesn’t cover this spot, of course. It has very special atmosphere. Men with black suits and a kind of special hairstyle are everywhere to try to ask women to come to their host clubs, where women enjoy drinking with men and some women spend more than U$3,000 at one night(!).

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Open-uri20130311-866-lmwf3r?1362994087 Hideto (Tokyo)

Kabukicho just has some Izakaya and Karaoke or night pub. The point is you can find same thing in other place.

Ah, thing you can see especially in Kabukicho is gay bar.
At night time, you can see some gay bar's guy with gorgeous clothes. Actually, they are very fun people.
Please try to talk to them on the street.haha
I don't recommend you to go to gay bar cuz it's too expensive. Be careful.

I'll tell you the story making you enjoy Kabukicho more.
Kabukicho used to be the place where many Yakuza's office is located (Yakuza is Japanese maffia).
However, since former governor of Tokyo swept it away, it's safer place now.

Now, you can walk in Kabukicho, feeling history!

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023 Kazuhisa (Tokyo)


Kabukicho is kind of red light district. of course not only that, but you can aloso enjoy bar, game center, karaoke. my home town is near here so I know everything about it. if you want to go, I'll show you.

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