Male Wei-Lien

Tainan, Taiwan



Language: English, 中文

my name is william .1979 born in Tainan, I love my hometown and all historical stories of my hometown,
I 'm very willing to Share to you (if you don't feel bored).
I like to travel My experience have been traveling through Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Cambodia. Least in the next five years, I hope to be able to go to five different countries, I feel like freedom of wandering to see more beautiful scenery and experience the people and culture (this year, plans to go to Japan, and Malaysia)
My personality Casual. Sometimes lazy like music, go to the museum to see the exhibition like to watch baseball basketball. Tennis and I also like to make friends. Although my English is not fluent, but I believe that a smile is the best language (world peace)

Work and Education:

  • 台南市社區大學
  • Continental Engineering Corporation · Engineer · present to present
  • 味全龍台南後援會
  • cec , tyw
  • 子儀海賊社團
  • 長榮高級中學
  • Chia Nan University of Pharmacy and Science

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