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(Kerry guided the Pacific-Cycles. Mr.George Lin,the president is a famous designer of bicycles and one of a great master.It was sudden Taiwanese travel for us.She mediated between a meeting with a president, so President Lin explained variously for nearly 4 hours.The Pacific-Cycles is away from the Taipei city,and,we go back and forth by taxii,it took 3 hours.We went to a store of Xiaolongbao by a request of my daughter who accompanied and also had the way back guide us a tour of a military escort change in National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall after we returned to the Taipei city.That our good friend could be made my daughter by the same generation.She says a guide in English is of primary concern and that Japanese isn't good, but we can understand her speaking sufficiently. Every bicycle fancier who would like to visit the Pacific-Cycles should request a guide from her!)

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