Taipei best beach 台北沙灘  1

Taipei best beach 台北沙灘

Map-pin-grey Taipei, Taiwan

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Is summer time, let's have fun at Baishawan暑假到了,還等什麼?去白沙灣遊透透吧!

White sand, blue sky, ocean with the bikini girls, what are you waiting for?

Is summer time, let's have fun.
Baishawan is the hot spot for water activities in North Coast. Under the well maintenance by government, nowadays when during summer, there will have rescue members around the beach and there were tent renting services provided too. Meanwhile, by dividing and categorical the water activities spots area, tourists will have the safer environment to swim and enjoy the water activities without worries. Beside of the parking area, there is a clean and comfortable washroom, therefore, no worries, and have fun!


: US$30 / Person
: Taipei, Taiwan
: 8 hours

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