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Visit Old Soul Of Taipei

City traveler Tiff takes you to flee to the old soul of Taipei

Map-pin-grey Taipei, Taiwan

About Activity


The inheritance and reappearance of century-old stores
Tiff's guidance and review of stories about local humanity
handcraft experience
Ningxia night market with lots of delicious food
Tiff collaborate with local artistic creators to customize a mystery gift for you!

Things Before You Book
Tourists can choose to meet at the metro station and then rent a U-bike or a motorbike (only available for one girl)
I will ride a U-bike with you if there are two tourists or more, or the only tourist is male.
You have to pre-order at least three days before for special handcraft experience activity. Moreover, whether the activity will be arranged will be decided based on the condition that whether the standard for the launch of the activity is met.

As a resident of Taipei, I have so many things to say. In view of the differences among different travelers, I will make an introduction to the major points about this tour. I will discuss with you to choose the best itineraries for you based on some of the points.

1. Manka. Tourists can not only see the famous Lungshan Temple and the ancient streets preserved from the Qing Dynasty, but also the scenes for the taking of retro photos in Manka. They can drink a cup of tea and listen to the small folk stories in ancient times and Taiwan told by Tiff.

2. Dihua is the busiest block in Twatutia. It has been the core of the Twatutia business area since the end of the Qing Dynasty. Especially, the government of Taiwan in 2010 called for the preservation of the block and advocated cultural innovation, which not only retained the old look of the streets, but also introduced youngsters artistic and cultural innovations there.

A lot of renowned historical sites and characteristic stores are hidden in alleys. The details about some performances, experiences and special opening time have to be confirmed with me!

3. Ningxia night market: All the food available in the Ningxia night market is delicious. However, I will only take you to the booths which only local residents go to. Its silly to follow other visitors. You should not miss that if you want to experience the night market culture of Taiwan!

4. Twatutia wharf, a small tourism attraction for the seeing of the sunset and Danshuei River and walking. Tourists can enjoy breeze by riding a bike near the river after supper, a simple life of the residents in Taipei.

Mon~Sat. 9am~18:00

Meeting Point:
Longshan Temple MRT Station or Daqiaotou MRT Station

Price Includes:
Service and guidance fees, motorcycle, oil and parking fees

Price Doesn't Include:
Catering, renting U-bike, expenses for experiential activities need to be calculated based on the number of visitors ex. tea pillow, security turtle


: US$45 / Person
: Taipei, Taiwan
: 4 hours

Ask to Tiffany (踢夫)

About LocalHost

► Hi, I’m Tiffany an out-going girl comes from Taiwan. I like to introduce Taiwan to foreign people, let them know the beauty of Taiwan makes me felt happy and content.

I like making friends with kind purpose and honest/ talkative/enthusiasm personality with Mandarin, Taiwanese Language and English speaking. I have strong willing to show Taiwan in local's way and hope to meet more friends who has the same feeling about travel.

I can show you different Taiwan by many ways such as but not limited in teaching you some easy Chinese when you are here and guiding you to find the list of Taiwan's secret spots and incredible delicious hand-made food probably even part of Taiwanese don't know either.

► Quote of Yourself
- "be the changed you want to see in the future"

► Your best travel experience
- Had been to America 3.5 months for in-depth travel (work &travel), New Zealand for 15 months working & holiday.

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