An ABC book for Taiwan's museum!!! 1
An ABC book for Taiwan's museum!!! 2
An ABC book for Taiwan's museum!!! 3
An ABC book for Taiwan's museum!!! 4

An ABC book for Taiwan's museum!!!

Map-pin-grey Taipei, Taiwan

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Let me tell you any things and little things about Taiwan's museums.

the different ways to help you decide what kind of museum you should go:

1. Exhibitions:
we have alots of different exhibitions every season and year.
‧ National Museum of History

‧ National Taiwan Museum

‧ National Museum of Natural Science

2. Collections:
Every museums has the different special, unique collections represent their reputation in the world.
‧ National Palace Museum

‧ JuMing Museum

3. Gourmet:
Around Every museums developed a special food culture for Taiwanese snacks.
.National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium

4. Gifts:
Different museum, different souvenir. and every souvenir is full of Taiwanese culture and local art.
‧ shihSanHang museum of Archaeolegy

‧ National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

5. Architecture:
The museums is not only famous by the collections inside, but also the design of the architectural.
‧ Taipei Fine Arts Museum

‧ National Museum of Taiwan Literature

6. Experience:
some of the museums offers the experience of art with visitors.
‧ National Science and Technology Museum

‧ Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei


: US$45 / Person
: Taipei, Taiwan
: 5 hours

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