mountain climbing around Taipei---四獣山 1
 mountain climbing around Taipei---四獣山 2
 mountain climbing around Taipei---四獣山 3
 mountain climbing around Taipei---四獣山 4

mountain climbing around Taipei---四獣山

Map-pin-grey Taipei, Taiwan

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I take you to mountain climbing around Taipei city--- 四獣山

台北 四獣山の獅、象山周り
If you are a tourist and want to run around the Taipei city, I recommend to run such a course. my friend, Ataka, he is Japanese and was a stranger at that time but he could finish to run across the mountain called 四獣山(the mountain has 4 tops, standing on two tops.) he can finish it, what are you waiting for? just book your special tour for the special view of Taipei city!

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Hey Kerry,great to have met u:) Many thanks for your accompany and introducing those local dining spots n places that most locals will go to-which is truly unique experience.

Also not forgetting the beautiful scenic city view n pics from our hike.

Although our time is short,but i had a wonderful time!

Hope to visit Taipei soon and see ya*_*


: US$48 / Person
: Taipei, Taiwan
: 6 hours

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