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Meet the "Real Taipei"

Map-pin-grey Taipei, Taiwan

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If you are new to Taipei, there are 4 must-go place:
1.National Palace Museum: To be honest, you can't really finish ALL the museum unless you spend a day or two. But I can show you the "most amazing part" in that museum within 1~2 hours.

2.Hot spring: I can show you the hot spring which local think is the best.

3.Night market: there are really many things in the night market; it is better if you have a local companion who knows exactly what to eat in the night market(which many locals aren't)

4.East part of Taipei: Jump on an U-bike, you can discover Taipei yourselves. Besides Taipei 101, make sure you visit the nightclub in Taipei: LUXY, LAVA, BABY 18....


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: Taipei, Taiwan
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