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Crouched Dragon Street Tour

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It's a street closed to Fu-Zhou Mt. This street has the serenity in Taipei City.

臥龍街 (it means Crouched Dragon Street) is surely NOT a famous spot one MUST visit in Taipei nor is it popular known by Taipei citizen. This street doesn't mean much for people in Taipei. The reason I upload this trip is merely for fun, since I love this street a lot. Normal foreign Tourists have no strong motive come to this place.

臥龍街 is surrounding by Nation Taiwan University, Taibei Municipal Second Funeral Parlor, MRT 麟光 station, Fu-Zhou Mt., Xin-Hai Tunnel. It's a street between YIN (陰, those who past) and YANG (陽, those who still live). Most people might even find it a little creepy since Fu-Zhou Mt. was once graveyard.


: US$70 / Person
: Taipei, Taiwan
: 2 hours

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