Experience Maokong Area and Tea Culture! 1

Experience Maokong Area and Tea Culture!

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Take the MaoKong Gondola and explore the tea culture and beautiful mountain scenery around MaoKong area! You will visit a famous temple and tea house during the whole trip. After that, you can either choose to go to Taipei Zoo or I can take you to visit National Chengchi University and Mucha area. (fee not included)

**Monday is the maiantance day of cable car, so do not make the request on Monday!

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This is the 2nd time for me to visit Maokong. For the first time, I visited there by myself, and I thought this is just a boring place for tourists. With her, my impression totally changed. Maokong is a mixed area with tea plantation, special tea dish restaurant, hiking, and traditional temple. Definitely it's worth visiting. I felt somehow I was inside the local community. Maybe that's because she speaks Chinese, lives near now, and enjoyed together with me!

We took Gondola (special crystal one) to the mountain top, went to the tea pot museum, had a traditional Oolong tea 鉄観音, had a special tea dish lunch, short hiking, went to traditional big temple, and then went to very local tea shop. We used local bus several times.

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: US$30 / Person
: Taipei, Taiwan
: 3 hours

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