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Foodhunting in Shihlin

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Date: any day (At the moment, Friday is not available.)

Highlight: traditional food/ modern Taiwanese snack

If you have been to Shihlin night market and already tried those most famous Taiwanese snacks, you may be interested in some other food popular among the locals but never be shown in tour guiding books. Some of the modern food is made with the localised western methods; some of them are just invented (I probably haven’t seen either). The creativity of food in Taiwan is stunning, and no other place is better than Shihlin night market!!!

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If you have been travelled in Taiwan for a while, you may notice that temples are everywhere. They can be regarded as the counterpart of churches or cathedrals in the west as centres of area nearby. Every single day, Shihlin night market is fully packed of people looking for delicious food but it originated from a group of food stalls in front of the historical temple called 慈諴宮 within which people pray to the most common worshipped Goddess “Mazu” ( ).

The location of the night market used to be an old wharf of trading where people from other places would have a break during their journey. Although, the wharf does not exist anymore, Shilin night market, the must go spot and the biggest night market in Taipei, has been expending and becoming more diverse year by year. Apart from food, nowsadays, you can find cloths, accessories, toys, shoes, massage stare, electronic devices….. almost everything you can come up.

In Shihlin, vendors are running a relay race every day. In mornings, here is a traditional market where you can buy fresh fruit, meat, vegetable and fish; in afternoons, the most famous food stalls begin to lure customers with their mouth-watering cuisines till mid-night, but the place is sleepless some night snack carts come after 2am providing hot dishes for people work at night shift or people feel hungry after parties. The night market is running by three independent shifts and stays at a balance which keeps the place full of surprises.

The typical and most popular food includes huge chicken chop, oyster omelette, Taiwanese tempura (not similar to Japanese one), pan-fried bun, pork-rib soup with herbs, and stinky grilled/stewed tofu (yes, we have different stinks.) which are easily found by following the crowds. To be honest, as a local, I go to Shihlin for something modern you may miss or you do not have enough space to try. Such as some sweets: do-hua (soy-pudding), pastry-cake, milk-flake ice, iced ai-yu jelly; or some savouries: hot cold-noodle, traditional grilled skewers, boiled salty chicken, dried noodle(it is hard to explain…)

Anyway, if you are interested in exploring more about Taiwan food or some history of this dynamic place, welcome to join me!!!

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Tammy was a great tour guide. She was more than of a friend than just a typical tour guide. We enjoyed our time in Shihlin market. That place was overwhelming that having her around really helped us! She is just awesome! We had so much fun that if we get a chance to go back to Taiwan, I would definitely reach out to her again :)


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: Taipei, Taiwan
: 2 hours

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I speak fluent Mandarin and English. Korean is intermediate level and a beginner of French, German, and Japanese. I will say our conversation will be easier to be conducted in English!!

I was just back from Europe after studying in England. I have travelled 15 European countries during that period and fell in love with the lifestyle meeting new people and talking various topics. It was a pity that I started to be a couchsurfer only in the last month. It was a wonderful time while I joined locals’ events to experience the things I was never able to know if I had been there alone. Couchsurfing is such a great invention!!!

Like I said, I want to keep the vibes of my travel in Europe. I would like to host travellers if I have a place, but by now I have not got my own flat yet so hanging out with visitors to Taipei is the thing I can do now!!!. Hopefully, I can meet some people who share the same idea! Wish to meet people have the same thoughts. I will not say let’s talk about your culture or our culture. We can talk about anything as culture is accumulation of people’s behaviours and talks; culture exists everywhere in any forms. We do not have to ‘talk’ it because it is always with us in some form. Instead, I am more interested in lifestyle; I would like to know what do others think about life and how you plan or not plan it.

If you want to know more about me, maybe you can access to my couchsurfing profile (CHUANG.TAMMY):

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