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Strolling in Shida Area

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Date: any day (We can discuss, because I just finished my study and trip in Europe and back to Taiwan in November. Planning to start a full time job in 2013.)

Highlight: traditional snacks or cafe

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“Shida” is a Mandarin abbreviation of National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU). Luckily, it is also the university I had studied for four years and then graduated from ;) The area is favoured by most young people including me because of its perfect combination of tasty food, cultural events, young creativity, and modern fashion. However, the downside of it is that it is getting horribly crowded while it is luring more and more tourists and small businessmen here.

The neighbourhood used to be just a cluster of tasty food (from proper meals, snack, to sweet) stalls which provided students nearby cheap and fast food just on the other side of the wall of the campus and also nearby residents could get their necessities easily. It was not a night market for tons of people but a typical Taiwanese residential area. Some exotic style restaurants (Thai, Italian, American, and some others) showed up along with the growing foreigners coming to study in the language centre of NTNU (the most credible language centre in Taiwan). It is also the reason why now we can see such a wide variety of food here.

However, Shida area which is nicely located in the centre of Taipei is getting bigger and bigger in the past five years because of the effort made by the local business and some activists. The area attracts so many young people from everywhere in Taipei as well as some more businesses like clothes, shoes. Although, the business area is expended but the number of people coming is growing even faster. People who comes to Shida today is not only for the food but also for the trendy items, and this is also why we usually have to squeeze in crowds every time.

But, don’t worry. You can experience the crowds without missing any food you like to try if we go together! Oh, of course, you gonna pay what you eat ;)

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Tammy is great! She's super friendly and funny. She and her friend took me to the night market around Shida and we ate yummy snacks. We then went to a local concert together at te Riverside Music Cafe and had a blast. Thanks so much for taking the time to hang out!


: US$15 / Person
: Taipei, Taiwan
: 2 hours

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I speak fluent Mandarin and English. Korean is intermediate level and a beginner of French, German, and Japanese. I will say our conversation will be easier to be conducted in English!!

I was just back from Europe after studying in England. I have travelled 15 European countries during that period and fell in love with the lifestyle meeting new people and talking various topics. It was a pity that I started to be a couchsurfer only in the last month. It was a wonderful time while I joined locals’ events to experience the things I was never able to know if I had been there alone. Couchsurfing is such a great invention!!!

Like I said, I want to keep the vibes of my travel in Europe. I would like to host travellers if I have a place, but by now I have not got my own flat yet so hanging out with visitors to Taipei is the thing I can do now!!!. Hopefully, I can meet some people who share the same idea! Wish to meet people have the same thoughts. I will not say let’s talk about your culture or our culture. We can talk about anything as culture is accumulation of people’s behaviours and talks; culture exists everywhere in any forms. We do not have to ‘talk’ it because it is always with us in some form. Instead, I am more interested in lifestyle; I would like to know what do others think about life and how you plan or not plan it.

If you want to know more about me, maybe you can access to my couchsurfing profile (CHUANG.TAMMY):

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