Enjoy the Lush and Green at YuanJue  1

Enjoy the Lush and Green at YuanJue

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YuanJue Temple Hiking trail is a hidden hiking trail in Taipei. It is accompanied by the concreted-staircase serves as a complement to the river, waterfall and forest. As you move further down the trail, the surrounding become greener; flowers and the singing of birds as well as crickets create an aura of excitement. You are encouraged to take deep breath frequently here to get more energy, the air is refreshing.

We would rest and picnic at the waterfall. There is plenty of fishes and prawns in the river. You could try to catch them but not to kill them.

There are also couples of large rocks and you could enjoy your sun bath on it.

We would play some board games. You could bring your games as well.

For hiking enthusiasts, we can go from YuanJueShi trail to LiYuShan.

What to bring:

Anything you think suitable for hiking activities. For example, a good pair of hiking boots, towels, water, sunglasses, T-shirts if you're totally soaked in sweat.

Food, refreshing cold drinks like beer, fruits, chocolate or biscuits which can energize you after hiking. Make sure you'll clean the garbage before leaving.

Music players or instruments. (This might not be a good idea to bring a heavy instrument if go hiking, unless you are strong.)

Some papers or canvas, pens, paints to show your artistic passion.

All the above are optional. Most importantly, please bring your "heart" and "smile" to spread happiness and love, and enjoy the best.


: US$40 / Person
: Taipei, Taiwan
: 3 hours

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