My friends and I were planning to visit Taiwan this coming oct for 10 days .. 5 to 7 of us and There are many places that we would love to go . Like 台北,淡水,九份,台中,高雄and垦盯。can I know how can we plan our trip ? We might need a guide for few days .


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hi Ming,
When will you come to Taiwan? We can help you to plan everything!
-Travel in Real Taiwan-

Most probably october

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would you want to take a look of the travel plan we made?

You can follow this by yourself or we can help you to arrange.

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If you have an actual ten days in TW, why not make a trip around the island...Taipei to most southern point from the west coast and back up to Taipei from the east coast

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Plan tourist sites off the weekends to avoid the crowds.

I am trying to see if can do 5 days around the island and then free and easy in Taipei and nearby or something, here is what I am listing

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