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Hi!!! I have been in Taipei for business trip until end of August. Then I'm looking for any tanning salon in Taipei. Is there anyone knows any information? And also if there's good beach to get tanned near from Taipei, please let me know! Thanks a lot. I'm waiting for ur answer ;) x


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Unfortunately there are not many tanning salon you can find around TW since most local girls do not like to get their skin tanned. There is only one choices for the beach fun at FuLong Beach near JiLong, but the KenDing Resorts might be your best bet if you have extra time for traveling to down south.

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Hi Eri,
We will hold the weekly event every Sat. And we also have a plan to the beach. You can check this page.
-Travel in Real Taiwan-

Bai Sha Wan is a great beach! You can get there via shuttle in Dan Shui

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There are couple of places in Taipei area, which area are you in, maybe there is one near you.

Missing Eri

Hi, Ken. Thanx for ur comments. I have actually been to FuLong beach before, but it was little bit far for me to go often. KenDing is the one I really want to visit!!! Thank u so much.

Missing Eri

Hi, Lin!!! Thanx for ur comments. I'm gonna check ur program ;) thank u so much!!!

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Hi, Danielle!!! Thanx for ur comments. I will google that beach ;))) Thanx a lot!!!

Missing Eri

Hi, Owen!!! Thanx for ur comments. How can I explain the area where I stay?... I'm staying around中山. But I often go to around 忠孝敦化 for my business.

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Hello, there are a few in Taipei, you can try this one below, it has an english website and probably the staffs speaks english too, but one thing is that tanning in taiwan they may ask you to buy more than one sessions, keep that in mind when you head there, as for beaches you would have to travel to keelong area or baisha wan in danshui, or if you just want to stay in the city and catch a few hours of sun you can always get a lawn chair or towel and hang out in any of the bike ways in taipei city, it's would be the best place to get a tan without traveling soo far away from home, also be aware their will be alot of children playing in the bike way. hope this is helpful~ Have fun!!

Summer Spirit (mon - sat)
Chong Hsiao east rd sec.6 no.6 3rd floor #6

**google for phone number as i cant include it here

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