Could you let me know your favorite restaurants or cafes in Taipei? I would like to know great spots among local Taiwanese! (I will go to Taipei in this month. This is the second taipei-trip for me.)


What kind of food do you like? The best place to taste all kinds of Taiwanese food is night market. However, if you're looking for restaurants, I would recommend DianShuiLou for 小籠包 kind of dishes, Lao-zhang Beef Noodle for beef noodles, HsiangTingFang(湘鼎坊)for hot stir-fried dishes, and FuLin(馥臨) for hot pots. Let me know what kind of food you're interested in, I may offer your more choices!

OOOHH!! Great!! Thank you very much!!

OOOHH!! Great!! Thank you very much!!

OOOHH!! Great!! Thank you very much!!

Suggest to visit "好丘", it's a cafe and also offer some light food. It's pretty much close to 101, you can see the same area with different style. 好丘'S area is kinda like...Taipei in 30~40 years ago. Have fun!!!

Thanks! I am inTaipei now, I'll go 好丘 today!

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